Learn the Jump Rope X-Cross + 180º Turn

Hi this is Tim Haft with Shana Brady
from Punk Rope and here we are at the Stuyvesant Town fitness playground. There’s snow on the ground but that’s not going to stop us. Shana is going to show you the x-cross into a 180-degree turn.
So she’s initiating with a forward turn. That’s the x-cross portion. The x-cross
is like a side straddle. You see the feet coming apart and together, but the feet end up in the shape of an x. And then from that she does a side swing and rotates
and then the rope goes over her head backwards. And then from that she rotates forward. So we’ll just do one more round of it. of it. X-cross, side swing, backward turn, more x-cross,
and there it is: the x-cross into a 180-degree turn.
Pretty nifty. Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you again soon.


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