Learn the jump rope straddle (2019)

The jump rope straddle, one of our
favorite intermediate rope jumping steps, looks a lot like a jumping jack. That’s
going to be the focus of this video. We’ve got Shana Brady from Punk Rope and I’m Tim Haft and we’re going to begin with the rope on the ground as always. So starting
in good posture with elbows tucked in you’re going to see Shana take steps to the outside. That’s called abduction. Both feet come apart. Now the
key thing on this guys is don’t allow your knees to collapse in.
If you can’t maintain that position with good stability then this is
probably not the step for you. So I’m just going to zoom in a little bit and
we’ll have Shana exaggerate what happens. Yeah that’s what we want to avoid. Okay good. So the feet come apart and back
together and the range of motion can be fairly small at first. There’s no reason
for it to be a big jump. You want to find your rhythm. So that’s the move with no
rope. And we’re going to pick up the rope or wrist trainer.
So if you have a rope you’ll fold it in half. Shana’s got it in her dominant
hand and once again she’s doing that motion—apart together apart together
while—spinning the rope and once she has that groove going she will switch hands
to the non-dominant side and try the same thing.
Alright so now we’re all set to try it jumping through the rope.
And now we have another challenge which is that it’s a two-step jump. So on one
rotation of the rope Shana’s feet come apart and then on the next rotation they
come back together: two separate steps. Apart together apart together. Now what
happens sometimes is people get confused and they try to do the whole movement in
one fell swoop like that. It’s awkward and Shana is not going to try it again
but you can probably get the gist of what I’m saying. It looks like some kind of fancy ballet move. We don’t want to do that.
Apart together apart together. Nice and soft, always pushing off with the full foot if you can. Here it is with a little bit of rotation. It’s a bit more advanced. Straddle with backward motion, straddle
with forward motion. It’s awesome. And then for the last challenge I’m going to have Shana face the camera. This is what we call the x-cross. So with the x-cross one foot
comes across the midline and you’ll see the foot will be maybe six inches or so
in front of the rear foot and the rear foot is behind the front foot, etc. And with
with each revolution of the rope you just switch the lead foot. It’s a nice
dance-y little step. So the straddle is very good for athletes that need to abduct
and then adduct their legs quickly. So that would work for tennis players for
wrestlers for a whole bunch of different sports. But we really like it. It’s a lot
of fun. Thanks for joining us. We hope you’ll subscribe to our channel. Check us
out at punkrope.com and if you have any questions about the straddle jump or
anything else related to rope jumping feel free to add the question in the
comments below and we’ll get right back to you. We’ll see you next time.


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