Learn the Jump Rope Side Swing and Jump

Hi this is Tim and Shana from Punk Rope
and we’re going to show you a drill and a jump called swing swing jump which
is awesome for coordination and hand speed and reaction time. It’s also amazing for cardio and it’s low impact so I think it’s one of the best exercises
there is. So we’re just going to use our regular rope. And this is too long right now, but I
want to show you why it’s too long. So tim is demonstrating swing swing jump. You only jump every third swing. He’s tested out what is the
ideal length of rope. You really can maximize working on this as a hand speed
and coordination drill by shortening your rope quite a lot more than you
would for a lot of other workouts and you can start to really go fast but
again you’re only jumping every third swing so it’s not as much jumping. Tim is going to do it just like we did in the Punk Rope
games. Here he goes. I would count this for him but me holding this camera and counting at the same time would be tough but we can look back at
that. He’s keeping his hands waist high, not lifting them too high. That’s very
important to make sure that you don’t end up throwing the rope too far in
front of you and then hitting your feet. Keep the elbows in. He’s swinging to his his right and then
his left and then opening up so he’s sticking with the same side to open the
rope for the jump. Oh wow that was really fast. Nice burst. Well
he’s been practicing it so he’s not super winded. First time you do it though
you might be surprised. Thanks for joining us guys.


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