Learn Thai – Thai in 3 Minutes – Numbers 1 – 10

so daikaku con dition kita Yaka hi
everybody I am GDR welcome to type odd 101.com learn hi in
three minutes the first test is East and the most fun way to learn tai-kun Reuben
Khan has been doing a great job getting us started but I’m here to help you the
rest of the way in the last lesson we learn how to ask someone if they could
speak English in this lesson we are going to learn numbers in Thai yes
numbers do a leg from 1 to 10 are you ready let’s start
name No song song Sam
see see ah
ha hull
hole dead
did but bad
Gao Gao see safe
okay now repeat after me I will say the numbers and give you time to repeat each
one No song some see ha Oh dead but Gau see
great job what is before name for zero we use soon
so you you don’t have any more excuses you can
give your friends your cell phone number in Thai let’s try together as you
remember in Thai we sometimes have to use different words depending on our
gender to say my number is women boost our descent hence this way
but Horace up condition ku and men will study send him this way but Horace up
come home could the only thing that changes is the man will say home instead
of station the Torah stop call the chang-geun birth tourism Kong palm clean so let’s
say I want to give my phone number but Horace app condition qu soon bad Sam
name song song sea cow Oh bad can you read this by yourself soon bad
style name song song sea cow Oh bad perfect now it’s time for
Kitty as quick tip when we go to the bank in Thailand we sometimes have to
wait with a number when it’s your turn the computerized voice you announce your
number first it will say My Lai which means number and then if you finish with
the number my leg noon my leg song and so on learn your numbers will so you can
be ready do you know the Thai word for 100 it’s really easy in the next lesson
we are going to learn the numbers from 11 to 100 in Thai your task now is to
practice the numbers we study in this lesson from name to see the Popkin Micah


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