Learn How to Do the Jump Rope Alternating Foot Step

Hi this is Tim and Shana from Punk Rope
and we’re going to show you the alternating foot step but also talk a little bit
about it. So that term is used sometimes interchangeably with the boxer step or the
boxer shuffle. Shana was doing the boxer shuffle now
which is a very low amplitude jump with a lot of hip shift similar to the way a
boxer would move. The alternating foot step is essentially a jog and the knee
is coming forward a little bit more than it would if you were actually jogging
around the track. So with every rotation of the rope there is a shift in the legs. One of the challenges one is called
the pony where one leg stays in the lead the entire time. It’s typically the
dominant leg but it could be the non-dominant. The other challenges are
faulty timing where you’re getting tangled up in the rope because you’re
either speeding up or slowing down. So initially it’s good to just go at a steady, relatively slow pace—one leg up, one leg down, one leg up, one leg
down. And if you’re really finding difficulty with this step here’s one way
to back into it. So you would come onto one leg and hop a few times and then the
other leg and hop a few times, and then a couple of times and then two times and
then one, one, one, one. So you back yourself right into the
alternating foot step. Alright so I hope that’s helpful.
We’ll do a separate video on the boxer shuffle. There are other steps where you’re also alternating your feet but this is pretty classic. Of course you could try
this moving backwards, moving forwards, turning different ways, etc. We just wanted to keep it basic for now. Thanks for joining
us guys and we’ll see you again next time.


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