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I had a really hard year at work, with some
really high aggression and I just stopped working out. I was physically, I had nothing left, mentally,
nothing. I was just super-stressed out. So I had gained about fifteen pounds that
year. Just not being a good mom, probably not a
good teacher. I was drinking three energy drinks a day at
work, couldn’t keep my eyes open. That summer, after a really hard year, I was
desperate for a change. What I had wasn’t working anymore and I saw
somebody post about DUO. So I actually went at it for the weight loss
aspect. So, I asked for a sample. Kept it a secret, didn’t tell anyone, not
even my husband because I was going to be proved wrong because I’d been making fun of
it for so long. They sent me five days and Day 1 I still needed
a nap so I was still skeptical. I still thought this was not going to work
for me. But Day 2, 3 and 4 I felt the energy picking
up. By Day 4 I woke up and I was actually teaching
summer school with the little boy who had given me such a challenging year at work. I was excited to go and happy being there. So, I was sold on Day 4. Fast forward, now I’ve been using it since
June so about six or seven months. I am sleeping great, my digestion is awesome. I’ve lost those fifteen pounds. I really needed something to get me back to
the gym. I know there is not a magic pill out there
but this has so been the catalyst that I needed to get me to the gym and get me more self-confidence
and strength, more strength working out. I’m a better mom. The biggest thing for me is the mental clarity
and the joy for life that it’s given me. I just see every day differently. This sounds so crazy but I’m not stressed
out in the morning when we’re getting ready and we’re late because I have a little toddler
and a seven year old. I’m not stressed out, I’m a happy mom. I really had to hit rock bottom to try it. I hope most people don’t wait. Don’t wait, you need this in your system. Everybody has nutritional gaps, you have to
experience. You have to try…I tell skeptics, “Just give
me three days on an empty stomach, take it the right way and I promise it will change
your life. ”

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