Law of Attraction Weight Loss SECRET

today I want to share a law of
attraction weight loss secret with you. are you ready for it? well, the secret is
when it comes to weight loss or creating and maintaining your ideal body weight-
what you eat and how, or when or if you exercise is irrelevant. doesn’t matter.
doesn’t really matter what you eat. doesn’t really matter how you exercise.
and you don’t have to take my word for this-look around out into your reality. I
guarantee you you’re going to find that there are people that you know out there
who have very good physiques and they eat questionable foods by your definition. so,
for example, myself I drink on average two sugary Starbucks drinks every day
and I eat a lot of pizza and, you know, physically I’m in pretty good shape.
because it isn’t about what I eat so what is it about it’s about? it’s about what you think about what you eat. with the law of attraction we get what we believe.
if what we’re eating we believe is bad for us or we believe will cause us to
put on weight, then that’s exactly what’s going to happen when we eat that food. by contrast, if we eat a given food or if we engage in a particular exercise that we
believe is going to promote weight loss or is going to promote us to be in a
physical shape that we want to be in, then that’s the result that we’re going
to get-but it isn’t about what we eat. and this is why over time we learn
different things about diet, you know what was bad back then is good now,
what’s bad now was good back then. the rules always seem to be changing because
there are no rules. the rules are only governed by beliefs. so if you want to
lose weight with a law of attraction you really have two choices as far
as I see it. the first choice is to stay within your belief structure. so if there
are certain foods that right now you believe will cause you to lose weight
those are the foods that you want to be eating.
the other option is to change your belief structures about the foods that
you’re already eating, so if there are certain foods that you really like that
you hate to give up start to try and envision them being good for you
or being helpful to you. maybe helping you keep your cravings down or helping
you stay satisfied. start to look at them as being possible avenues that you can
keep in your life and still lose weight.


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