Kirsty Bortoft – The Mind Body Coach

Hi, there. Welcome to the
Kirsty Show, the show that’s designed for
professionals and people who’d like to dive into topics
that are going to transform your life from within to
without, things as overcoming anxiety, negative belief
system, stress, procrastination, overwhelm, et cetera. This show transforms your
life from the inside, out. Because who doesn’t want to live
a fulfilling and happy life. Welcome to the Kirsty Show. I have over a decade’s
worth of experience as a mind-body coach. I’m also a meditation teacher. And I’m a founding creator
of the Rudra Devi technique, a technique that dissolves
and rewires suppressed emotion and negative belief
system, so that you can have a life of
fulfillment and happiness. So do subscribe below. And every Tuesday, I will
release a brand new video. So don’t forget to say hi. See you soon! [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING]


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