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Hello, Sifu Mallon of the with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is kick boxing. We’re going to be going ahead and focus on the kick
boxing skill called double jump. Now when you begin to perform jump roping you’ll start
at a nice slow pace and then you’ll basically get to a point to where you feel kind of even
tempo it out. This is where you get in to a nice rhythm and you stay at the same pace.
This is good for your overall timing but we want to also work on your endurance while
jumping rope. So there’s ways that we kind of build the tempo making things go faster
and making things slow down so that you’ll increase your heart rate. This next one is
an increasing one. So this is to go ahead and really speed up your jump roping. This
is called double jump. Now a double jump is performed with our basic hop, o.k. to where
you’re going here. And then you basically go a little bit higher than you normally would.
O.k., demonstrating it with the rope. So I begin with my hands holding here and I go
for my cross swing. One, two, three, four, five, arms open. I get my nice tempo down,
then I start to speed the rope up and double. Again, I go one, two, three, open, basic hop,
I start speeding up, double. This is how you perform double jump kick boxing.

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