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Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center, this is my assistant Melissa and this is kickboxing. We’re going to be
working on a jump rope skill called arm cross. Now you may have seen people do this before
at high speeds where their arms are crossing and they get an X factor in front of their
body. To demonstrate this, I’ll go at normal speed and have Melissa show you how to slow
it down. We start with a basic arm crossing, open up, from my open, I’ll cross. Now at
the beginning, it’s better to pick one hand to cross each time but as you get better,
you can switch each arm. Move forward Melissa and show this at a slow speed. So she gets
the arm cross, open, two…three..four and cross. Cross, good. Let’s go ahead and stop
for a moment. Now doing this right in the beginning, you can also go- so I’m going to
move forward here. A good way to go and figure it out is you go from your basic hop and you
just cross your arms and let it hit your feet. Again and you’ll see that I’m coming this
way and crossing my right arm in, left hand over. As they come over your head from behind
you, your arms will lift and straighten out coming back to a normal hop. This is arm cross


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