Ketogenic dieting while traveling vlog – photo shoot in Jamaica

yeah hey guys I hope you enjoyed this
video this vlog it’s about how to do keto diet while you are traveling I’m
traveling international going to mana Bay Jamaica for three days I’ll be away
some shades and stuff because even though I’m different sorry I just want
to get into Travel wonders of industries that I go
do it right there let’s have it and then I’ll bet somebody and then
maybe I’ll throw myself I’m at my resort it is pristine gorgeous if you can’t see
it and around 4:30 and what I’m going to do is I’m going to actually just check
in I’m gonna get a light snack from the room service and get something to eat
real quick before I go to the gym and then wait a couple hours and then have a
big meal with one of my catfish I just met out there and let’s go into the room
I think it’s 23 or not easy with the catalog is a gorgeous
hope you guys can see that all right so the burger finally came in and obviously
the maketo get rid of this get rid of this that’s they need this you still
want to keep track of where you eat that degree because you can gain weight on
the keto diet you can gain that by eating too much protein too much fat I
mean it’s a lot more difficult because proteins fats keep you satiated what
that means it keeps you fuller longer because it takes longer at that just so
what I recommend doing is figuring out how much protein and what I like to do
is use my palm when I go out and when I’m at a resort or on shoes or on set
for like a week because you don’t want to without your my fitness pal
every single time probably so keep track of this a palm and when I mean a palm
I mean covering from here your palm not including your fingertips it’s about 30
grams of protein whatever meat it is so this meat right here I wash my hands
before I did this good so if I put the burger all on my hand it fits into my
palm and that’s about 30 to 40 grams of protein I never took a bite and stuff in
this bacon on there and you can keep track so I need 150 grams of protein
that’s by palm pulls I had a chicken chicken salad earlier on the plane so
that was about 2 palm Foles but I’ve had a protein today and that’s about 60 to
70 grams of protein I’m going to just say 70 to 80 just because there’s
there’s bacon on there and I had almond and don’t forget even when you get
protein from other sources like almonds our beam bill counters your protein
intake that’s what sometimes the mistake people make when they’re counting their
protein or food or tracking macros and stuff and then the thumb is around 10
grams of fat like 10 or 11 and what’s great about this is measuring it by your
hand in your palm it’s usually equal to the person’s size in their body anyway
and you could be a little off positive and that’s just be on vacation or you’re
away and it’s just the easiest best way to track things while you’re out doing
things that’s racked by at least whenever I’m going out I can use you
eyeball it or if I’m away for three or four days I’m already in pretty good
shape so I don’t really need if I go up a little bit I know how to come down
really efficiently that next week and lose all the water weight and the salt
and sodium and just maybe lose a pound of fat that one week that’s the best
tracking method that I can offer you right now I mean it’s better than
carrying out a weight scale with you all the time right so it’d be kind of weird
if I was at a restaurant I just whipped out a weight scale I mean some people do
do that I personally am not that strict I don’t feel like I know weight scale
with me through customs and in my bag and I’m taking it with me all over the
restaurants and taking it out and say hey no I don’t want that protein all of
that um I think that’s a pain in the butt I mean you’re here to live you want
you want to serve your body you want your body to serve you and you become a
slave basically to fitness and losing body fat that way and trust me I used to
be that way I was competing I couldn’t go out because I couldn’t we might
and it was miserable and that’s all I could do is folk song – and lo and
behold when you I mean I got my results but the things that couldn’t maintain it
and I was figuring out a sustainable way to make this a lifestyle to fit into my
Nathan which is what I did now and so use the pom method whenever you go out
so my friend who’s also my cast made you wanna introduce yourself hi my name is
Ashika Westgard she convinced me to not go to the gym don’t got the devil goes
he goes beats go cool the whole point of actually working out or doing some type
of cardio after you’re done coming off the flight is to actually
just reset your circadian rhythm about fifteen or twenty minutes of exercise
even swimming will do so this will still count in Texas right yeah so all the
beach a 3:30 call time but before we just need to have dinner and we just you
know who we’re talking about make a week first round is clam chowder lobster
pinch adder then I got a fish I’m gonna get salad salad green my green and this
is the world’s tiniest salad look how small it is compared to a roll I found
this this is great I’m actually surprised I’m so surprised I don’t think
I can finish this finish I’m dead I got to catch understand Harry this is how you debone us see I
was a fisherman back in the day really yeah scout it is not find about getting
on with sexy guys come that Bow Wow hearing that’s amazing actually shot oh
man I’m tired more than full actually I feel very satisfied I didn’t go over my
fats or I didn’t have any carbs especially obreon carbs today going back
to the ketogenic diet the ketogenic diet I find it easier to maintain and beyond
when I’m traveling right now but I thought because obviously obviously
there’s no to the free ice cream and desserts yes it’s a little painful
the thing is though there’s plenty of other proteins and fats that I can eat
to like such as the fish the whole fish as well
the lobster has a lobster bisque and and eat the soupy part it was a little bit
too creamy and I’m sure there’s tons of carbs in there and that’s the thing –
this is what I don’t enjoy about the ketogenic diet Ares is that you have to
say no to other stuff whereas when it’s flexible with intermittent fasting as
well you don’t need to worry about that stuff anything becomes much fun what I’m
doing flexible dieting like my Google what can I eat today that fits my macros
and that becomes enjoyable especially when you get results with ketogenic diet
not having that much fun continue to it’s a lot of paint that you do some
weird shit like kick the buttons off the burger all the time and I’m kind of just
over it like cuz there was like a ice cream smoothie thing and I wanted to
just grab a free ice cream like goods like just once so what’s going through
some of that and other than that bill I mean I’m still shedding weight I think a
little bit of its muscle probably I didn’t get the weight rainbow swimming
in the ocean for at least 20 minutes and it was really good at a good time
alright guys here’s the thing please subscribe to my youtube channel let me
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anyway can I gotta get up in a few hours I’ll see you next week


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