Kdo je KRÁL FITNESS v Los Angeles?

hi guys welcome to the new video today you´ll see LA fitness expo where we’ll meet other athletes and we´ll do show together there and we have beautiful morning today sun is shining, is nice weather and I will be again in the small car with these two… but what I´d like to say finally you will be with Larry on same stage exactly, finally I will see my idol that´s a reason why I´m here do you know what´s interesting? with your idol and rival at the same time yes, that´s bad idol and rival at the same time it´s not good but I was looking on some athlets which will be there and and Bradley will be there too so I will try to agree training you will try it? yes I’ll arrange it so we will try to agree it and you will see other athletes hi guys, so we are here in Expo it´s so huge here it´s so much bigger than FIBO for example, which is in Europe it´s brutal I think that the parking here is bigger than whole Prague we have Strenght wars t-shirts and here we go Hanz? yes, we should meet other athletes so we´ll see what we´ll do I don´t know what´s this ?! it´s so huge we have to find Larry and Bradly he lifts so heavy weights but he uses fake weights we are here maybe 5 minutes and we already lost Tetzel shoot this car, it´s crazy shoot that rabbits
they go counterattack blood is sold out, we have to catch new rabbits here finally we meet so finally I met Larry I can´t speak English so well but so Pavlis was helping me we showed him some our videos and he really likes smashing objects and he said that has to shoot something similar so when you will see smashing objects on Larry´s channel you´ll know from whom he copied it watch his videos because Hanz is there too watch his videos we will try to agree with him on training after Strenght wars and I think he´s cool guy I said him that I´m his rival but that I´m his big fan too and I said him that he´s superhuman and he said: I´m not superhuman, you are superhuman and I said: you are superhuman and he: no, you are superhuman and then they almost fought,
so we better ended it and then I said him: don’t fuck me anymore if I said that you are superhuman, you are! I don´t understand what’s going on here but but we came to tell him, that he´s strong af on the internet, but in reality not and when he will go to the strength wars? and he didn´t answer he´s crazy…yes he´s crazy nobody knows what will happen tomorrow everything is solving at the last minute Tetzel is nervous because that´s all is under his name so if this will be wrong, everybody will hate Tetzel so it´s crazy here but it´s fine so what kind of producer am I? you are good producer! only good? best! so this is the end of the video today you saw LA fitness EXPO it´s huge we saw a lot of stars we have meet and greet with other athletes, so I finally met Larry and others today it was all about strenght wars so don´t forget to like, subscribe, click on the bell have a nice day and see you soon it was good it was good you were good it was good you were better was it good? the water has about 10 degrees Hanz, where are we? we are on Manhattan beach here in LA is next to Long Beach and these fucking birds are stealing things from us the water is really cold so
I look forward to it

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