Kamloops Diogenes Fitness Club

The average individual spends several hours a week online. This time could be better invested in a productive manner such as playing an instrument or learning a second language. Technologies such as social media can result in a shorter attention span and an increase in depression, insomnia and memory issues In this degenerate society the average Canadian has an attention span shorter than a goldfish Quitting social media and chronic cell phone usage reduces cortisol the destructive fight-or-flight stress hormone Research has found that social isolation is associated with an increase in all cause mortality Hermits could be happier if they had a handful of close comrades to lean on when stressed Children are engaging in forms of escapism such as video games instead of seizing the day in order to reduce the negative side effects of our modern environments. I am creating a Sherlock Holmes style Diogenes Club for introverts interested in fitness and friendship in a small group setting should you be hesitant to attend a gymnasium socially awkward or simply unsure how to best combat a sedentary lifestyle. My ideal client is a respectable gentleman who’s a beginner at training with weight loss or longevity goals If you are not the shy silent strong type that’s alright. You don’t have to be a bookworm. I think tradesmen or other salt-of-the-earth individuals that know something actually useful such as woodworking and are willing to teach me about it would be able to get along with me. In fact almost anyone who is direct honest and free thinking should be able to do so When people get too chummy with me I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don’t really care about them. That’s a genius move. Thank you You’re welcome Lester Nowadays Canadians report being more intimidated to go to the gym than to visit their in-laws. In the description below is Links to social media sites that are less likely to censor your content or sell your personal information to corporations or foreign governments. You will also find search engines that do not manipulate or record your search results I also recommend an ad blocker There is software that can help you plan your day or track your daily caloric intake However, not all technology is beneficial Until next time get your daily dose of hugs and try to laugh at the absurdity of life. I thought you were Gloomy timid always terrified and basically completely weird But you know what I actually like People like you

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