What is one way to prevent a dual deployment I Don’t know spencer! I did not study last night Ayo good morning logang whats poppin Okay, so here’s the deal guys We are three minutes away from the skydiving center as you guys know I failed my test last time By the way. How many was I allowed to miss? 10 And how many did I miss 18 Ah You’re grossley unprepared for this The questions are actually so difficult which I guess makes sense since you are risking your life by jumping out of a plane. But Damn, son, I failed last time and I don’t want it to happen again because after we take the test today We’re gonna head over to Coachella ayy This should be an easy one right Oh no What is the biggest danger to a jumper when flying a canopy pattern oh, I don’t know back that you’re jumping out OF A F**KING AEROPLANE At what attitude are all occupants of an unpressurising aircraft Be provided with supplemental oxygen, I don’t know Spencer be right back while I go look Japanesse – just drove like two hours You’re gonna fail again You don’t even know what it’s like bro so listen guys if you’re not a part of the logang you good make sure to subscribe hit that subscribe button in the ******* Did you say that yet? I don’t know I just said it dude Because we’re extremely lit example we’re about to go jump out of a plane. Oh my god If I pass the test and get my license today my goal. I want to jump out of the plane Naked because one of the things when you get a license is you don’t you no longer have to wear a jumpsuit parashlonging they call it parashlonging a common term coined by the swiss I hi dad about to take my skydiving test again I You better not F**king fail this So I’ll do it right now. I’m studying. I got the manual right here, and I’m learning things Put down fortnite to study Fortnite but I’m a beast I’ve been streaming bro, and I’m going to cochella If you fail this test again I’m flying to Cali and I’m gonna beat your ass Thanks for the advice dad now be right back while I go learn Japanese twice Oh, oh your point feels good I feel Knowledgeable I feel like imma take this test i’ma go parashlonging and then pop to Coachella feeling good in my maverick merch, baby I got the world wide hoodie on hottest merch in the game by the way y’all look at me right quick a little pan up that yo, what’s doing it Baby, loganpaul.com/shop or link in the description you guys know we just dropped the dare to fly shirts We just dropped the huck it shirts which are very appropriate for today Cuz it’s about to be hucked. I’m about to be a maverick And do it different And not like last time fail the test Let’s do it Ladies I’ve come to fail your test Again PASS Pass your test again You know the drill right Oh I know the drill I’ve done it before Aww dude my heart is racing Think bro Youre taking it with me right? Right now Right now Oh snap Uh oh There you go my friend Oh boy Here we go We good I passed? You missed one I only missed one! Yeah No that’s me She hasn’t graded you’res yet Oh that’s you oh I’m sorry NOOOOOOOOOOO Nooo there’s still a chance Bro you only missed one Only one dog I missed 18 on my first try Oh no I just wanna parashlong I wanna parashlong so bad If I fail again my dad is gonna beat my ass dude lalalalala That’s the soundtrack going on in my head right now This is You got three wrong That means you can parashlong I can parashlong bro Oh feels good to be a winner Is there a jump requirement for parashlonging for what It’s a swiss thing yes, yeah me, thug me bro Ow Jesus I can jump out of planes Legally Uh I’ll take one ticket to skydive Are you a licensed jumper yet Infact I am Parashlonging dude haven’t waited for this moment since it came out my mom’s vagine. That’s a long time It’s about 23 years man, so the Rolex is going on the shirts coming off. It’s I don’t even know if I’m allowed to do this just butt ass naked Sad bro oh, you good. If anybody has any sensitivity to light. Please don’t make direct. Eye contact with my pale body I’m trying to get tanned at Coachella bro trying to get a little Lobster II then turn into a fresh little butter Crisp You know what I mean definitely Know he’s gonna be the one filming uh trying to look like this area Yeah you’re pants are gonna be flying all over the place we arn’t gonna need some pants here, bro I don’t think he knows yet We ain’t gonna need any pants bro firsts ever jump with a license. Time to huck it baby be a maverick Aww dude come on man you’re gonna make me look at this YEAH Woaaah Let me tell you something Spencer Parashlonging bucket list check. How was it bro, dude? I was in the air And then I was falling and then I was on the ground and now I’m here that’s very compelling. Yeah. It was pretty crazy Oh the view is there okay? Yeah a little more than I bargained for uh that was for sure How was the aerodynamics It definitely slowed me down was a lot more drag than I would have liked I would describe it as an nutter flutter I like that Alright guys. No more games Spencer, and I got to go to Coachella uh oh we drove to Palm Springs if it is it Mike the dirt bike What you doing that was your epic intro Oh hey hey hey hey whats up man I’ve been hucking in nude in the sky see this thing this what all the kids wear out here super chella vibes Oh my god the amount of basic here is gonna be so high and I’m already getting high not because this is a hoodie is Cuz it’s not it’s cuz it’s the hottest in the worldwide hood. It was This that’s a stamp of approval your boys an official a licensed skydiver got it you got it Yo yo you got it Wow Coachella is going great so far. I’m not gonna lie I didn’t anticipate the party being this crazy dang, man That’s really great OOOOOHHHHHHH This is huge Now I know where we’re all sleeping How did I even get sucked into this bro You know what speaking a little too soon right once I get on my chella outfit. I think I’ll be good to go Oh my god. I look good damn. I feel basic, but it’s so good and we got my boy mack Yeah, all right guys. We’re wasting no time the knighting ceremony the knighting ceremony closes door. Oh, let’s go This is a very special moment Some have referred to these golden bands the splendiferous of Marty McGraw This here is an artist band oh not easy to get friends not easy if I do say so myself? Let’s start off With Logan under knees please I’m gonna stand up, but I Do hear endow the truth and all that is true? Uh-huh, thanks Mike let’s go to a party. Well. It is one more thing we need to do before we go Oh god I put nostril Hell yeah I’m Cochella ready Wow guys Cochella is really looking up this year so much fun so much dancing alright guys that is the vlog I just can’t stop cuz how? Much, I love Coachella are you going to cochella? No b*tch? I’m here if you guys aren’t part of the logang Make sure to subscribe to the Strongest family on YouTube there. We make parties anywhere Even if they suck ass also cop your maverick merch. It’s merch the hottest merch in the game I got shot y’all know how it is all jokes aside. It is gonna. Get rowdy this weekend with that fellow gang I love you. take it easy I’ll see you tommorow peace


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