Jump Rope Science Fun

so today I am going to talk about how you
might improve the jump rope and the first question it comes to mind is well
what’s wrong with a jump rope? And I’m going to tell you two reasons why the jump rope has room for improvement. The first
reason is that there is a narrow width at the bottom. As you can see on my feet are
there’s just not a lot of room between my feet and the rope and this means there’s
a great chance that the rope might get snagged on my feet if it
moves left or right. And the solution to this is really a
problem. You see the solution is I’d just have to jump higher. That gives me more room for my feet.
But when I jump higher that means I have to work harder. That makes jump roping a
little bit less fun. So I wonder if i could change the jump rope’s
shape. Would there be an easy way to just
maybe it may be flattered at the bottom? That would be awesome. Here’s one way to do that. One way to change the shape of a jump rope is to simply add weights. So with no weights it looks a lot like a V, but with weights
it starts to look like a U or even a box shape. And so I wanted to know how effective is this? How effective is
adding just little tiny weights that have a force that changes the shape of a jump rope? So I decided to test it. So here’s me jumping in slow motion without
weights. What you notice is that it’s very much a V shape that comes very
close to my feet. And so you can try to memorize what that
looks like very quickly. This is with weights, just little tiny
weights that are so small you can’t even see them but there’s some washers there. And you can see me jumping and you
notice that it’s a fundamentally different shape. These are just ten little washers on each
side. and it made a huge difference in the shape of the jump rope.
That’s pretty awesome. Here they are blown up. So this is before,
this is after, and if you look at it you can fundamentally see that the left hand side would be a lot harder
to jump rope than the right hand side which is a lot more room for error for
example I would encourage you to try this at home. Maybe if you get a super long jope rope that you like to jump rope with a lot of people, may be you can fit even more people by
flattening out the bottom. And I don’t recommend metal washers, although those were good for testing. Try using something soft maybe
beanbags or something else-you can use your creativity And if you want to learn more like what is the actual shape of a jump rope or how was the experiment tested or who
originally came up with the idea feel free to check on my report. Happy jump roping.

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