Jump Rope Circuit Training : Jump Rope Safety Tips

So here are some safety issues before we start
our circuit training workout in your home. First of all, comfortable clothes are necessary.
You want to wear something that’s either fitted or loose enough where you can still move.
If you’re wearing something fitted like I am, you want to make sure it’s material that’s
not too tight, that’s not cutting off your circulation, something that’s just nice and
comfortable and hugs your body without restricting you. These pants, they’re a cotton blend,
and the shirt is as well, cotton and spandex blend. I find that that’s just great when
it comes to really supporting your body and being able to breathe and also, just being
comfortable. Next, you need good supportive shoes when you’re doing jump rope. Basically,
you want some shoes that are going to support you; maybe they’re a little thicker in the
balls of the foot. When you’re jumping rope you’re using the balls of the foot so you
want to make sure you have good arch support. A nice shoe that doesn’t hurt in the least
bit is great to get started. Secondly, you want to make sure you have enough space. You
want to make sure that you’re in a room that gives you enough space to jump or move your
hands, move around. You want to look around to make sure there are no sharp edges and
nothing in the house around your space where you’re going to workout that may cause any
accidents. Just look for anything sharp, or anything that may cause you harm, and then
you’re ready to go.

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