Jump Rope Basics: Keep Your Elbows In

Tim and Shana from Punk Rope. How
are you all doing? Shana’s got the Beast heavy rope just shy of a pound and we’re using
that so you get a better look at what’s going on. So we’re here to talk about
the classic challenge of not using the wrists sufficiently to turn the rope and
also bringing the elbows too far away from the ribs which effectively makes
that rope short. As Shana brings those elbows apart
that rope starts to climb up onto her ankles. That’s going to force her to jump
super high or miss. It’s also going to tire out her shoulders. So somehow we need to make sure that those wrists are doing their job and here’s the correct jumping
mechanics. A couple of techniques would be doing
what we call the windmill swing where… it’s a little bit clumsy with the heavy
rope…but you get that elbow tucked into your ribs…keep it there…
don’t let it stray, and then use your wrists to manipulate the rope.This is
another version of it where Shana has shortened up the rope. And you need to do it on both sides—dominant and non-dominant. Okay now we can also use a prop like a band to keep the elbows in. That’s something that works for some
people. You could stack up some boxes on either side of you to make sure that
your elbows don’t stray. You can—as Shana is doing now—take your elbows inside
your shirt. Now you’ve got a sensory reminder—and it’s not going to keep the
elbows necessarily from moving, but it’s a reminder that they should stay in. So
once those elbows are in and the wrists do their job you’re going to be just fine.
But if the wrists don’t do their job that means the turn is coming most
likely from your shoulder or your elbow. The straighter the arms the more it’s
coming from the shoulder and again the further the elbows are from the ribs
the more likely you are to miss or jump extremely high. And we don’t want
either of those things to happen. So guys remember to keep practicing your wrist
rotation…wrist wrist wrist. And as you start to get it you can work
on picking up speed. Okay but first is consistency. Elbows tight to the ribs, all wrist.
Alright there you have it. That’s how to solve elbows coming apart. Thanks for
joining us. We’ll see you next time.


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