Jump Rope Basics from “Never Mind Aerobics Here’s Punk Rope” (2008)

So what are you wearing on your feet?
We prefer flat soled sneakers with good cushioning in the forefoot. You can try
basketball shoes, tennis shoes, or even indoor soccer shoes. Those are all good
choices. It’s best to jump on a firm level surface like a wooden or carpeted
floor, but you want to avoid soft, uneven surfaces like grass or ultra hard ones
like this concrete floor. To size your rope, step on the middle of
it with one foot and pull the handles straight up toward the ceiling. The top
of the handles should come close to shoulder height. If your rope is too long
you can shorten it by tying knots near the handles. If your rope is too short you’ll need to
get a longer rope. Stand with your shoulders relaxed and
your knees soft. Keep your elbows in close to ribs. Your feet should be together and
your toes aligned. Your weight should be slightly forward and you want to be
on the balls of your feet. When you jump, keep your legs close together and leave
the ground only one to two inches. Land softly and quietly. Now grab both handles of the rope in one
hand. Turn your wrist in a circular fashion so that the rope swings to your
side and hits the ground in front of you. Listen: hit, hit, hit. Now add a jump
pushing off with the balls of your feet. Jump, jump, jump. Take one handle in each hand with your
thumbs on top. Don’t choke up too much. Start with the rope behind your calves.
Use your arms to swing the rope over your head and try to catch it under your
toes. Good. Cool. You’re ready to jump through the rope. Just remember to keep
your elbows into your ribs and your feet together. Turn the rope with your wrists,
then jump. Remember to keep your jumps low and land very softly. So it’s time to hit
the slopes. We’re going to go skiing. Jump side to side as if you’re slaloming
down the slopes. Now let’s take it to the boxing ring. Gently hop on one foot then
the other while shifting your hips side to side. Now look really mean. Okay that’s
the alternating foot or boxer step. The scissors step is next. Alternate sliding
your legs forward and backward like a scissors. Try to keep your legs
relatively straight. Okay we’re going to get a little fancy now. This one’s called
the arm cross. You’ll need to bring your arms across your body about waist height
so that the elbows are basically touching. Make sure your hands extend
beyond your hips. Swing your arms down, not out. Be patient. Don’t worry if you miss. Let’s try that a couple more times and remember you need
to uncross your arms as the rope passes around the second time. So for an added
challenge you can try these variations: jumping while turning the rope backwards
or towards your heels, jumping while moving forwards,
jumping while moving backwards, jumping while moving to your left or to your
right, and jumping while moving in a circle or in rotation. During the workout
you’ll see a variety of rope jumping steps but always feel free to stick with
the basic balance. If you get tangled up you can also follow along while swinging
the rope to the side or you can just put your rope down altogether. Now crank up
the volume and get ready to jump.

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