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Beachbody. Creator of the hottest and most
respected fitness products in the world now has an opportunity for you to join us by becoming
a Team Beachbody coach. As a coach you’ll be given the opportunity to earn income by
sharing the best fitness programs and nutritional supplements on the market today. Carl Daikeler – CEO Beachbody – Instead
of doing the obvious thing and selling our hot infomercial products through retail stores
we asked a handful of our customers to become Independent Distributors. We call them coaches,
but their not fitness or nutrition experts. These are people who simply love the products
and love shairng them with people because they actually work. As a team Beachbody coach, your partnering
with a company that stands above all others with this unique opportunity. And because
we need your help to help other people theres no better time to get involved as a team Beachbody
coach than right now. There’s a massive health crisis throughout North America. Just in the
United States 2 out of 3 adults Americans and 2 out of 5 children are considered over
weight or obese. This means more than 200 million people are unhealthy. Doug F. – Team Beachbody Coach – The neat
thing about what we have with Beachbody is an opportunity to make a difference, to change
people’s lives, to reverse that trend. Beachbody’s CEO Carl Daikeler and President
John Congdon began combating the health crisis in 1998 by conceiving a simple solution to
this massive problem. Sell top-notch fitness products and provide unprecedented peer to
peer support to help people get fit. The phenomenal success of Beachbody is undeniable. When John
and Carl examined that success they realize that a large part was due to satisfied customers
shairng their fitness success and passion for Beachbody with those closest to them as
well as on the Beachbody message boards. This natural interaction between customers was
recognized by Carl and John and led them to develop a compensation plan where Beachbody
would begin paying people for what they were already doing for years sharing Beachbody
products. Thus the team Beachbody Coach opportunity
was launched. Same E – Team Beachbody Coach – I know
make more in my Beachbody business than I ever made in my Restaurant business. Brigitte L – Team Beachbody Coach -To fit
in those jeans that I never thought I would fit in again, and I’m able to save money.
I have money in a savings account and that feels really good. Mindy W- Team Beachbody Coach – After about
3 to 4 months, thats when it started to really like get me really excited because my check
for one month was $1000 dollars. Decide. Commit. Succeed. The Beachbody Montra
is not some snappy cereal box slogan. We guarentee that when a customer decides to commit to
a Beachbody fitness program they will succeed. But we’ve learned that success doesn’t come
from just buying a fitness program. Nutrition plays a critical role and Beachbody’s ultra
premium health shakes, Shakeology has become one of the best selling products in the history
of the company because of our team Beachbody coaches. Carl Daikeler – CEO Beachbody – – Skakeology
is what they call a market disruptor because what competitors have come up with Green Tea
Energy drinks and antioxidant juices we’ve created the absolute highest quality weight
loss health shake on the market today. Period. The absolute best. The opportunity to share products that you
love and earn money while doing so is something were proud of at Beachbody. This is how it
works. First you earn a 25% commission on all retail sales, its just that simple. For
example, if you have 3 Shakeology sales a month, you would earn enough to pay for your
own monthly supply of the healthiest meal of the day. You can also earn a even higher
commission when you sell our exclusive team Beachbody Challenge Packs, is a one stop solution
for customers. A challenge pack includes the fitness program of their choice, a 30 day
supply of shakeology, and a free 30 day VIP membership in Team Beachbody’s premium online
club which offers customized meal planning, exclusive video content and so much more.
And many of our successful coaches use Beachbody Challenge groups to engage their customers
and coaches by providing support and accountability to help them achieve their optimal fitness
results. And if you choose to build a team of coaches we have a lucrative bonus program
that lets you earn your whole teams productivity. And the rewards don’t stop, we also created
the Beachbody Challenge contest where for coaches and their customers can submit their
success stories and have the opportunity to take part in over 1 million dollars in cash
and prizes. Here’s some good news to make it easy for you. We provide every coach with
a website and an online office. Where you can access sales and marketing tools as well
as a library of training and personal development resources. Plus, we handle all the product
fulfillment and customer service for you. All you need to do is direct customers to
your website and when they make a purchase through you, you earn a generous 25% commission
and all your income is paid weekly. Kelly and Mike R – Team Beachbody Coaches
– You do not have to be an expert to be a Beachbody coach. Anybody can do this. We
started, we didnt know what we were doing and then Beachbody provided us with the tools
we needed to be successful and it’s been a wonderful ride. Thanks Beachbody! Many coaches earn enough to make a car payment
or enjoy a vacation. Some earn enough to quit their day jobs. And a few top cocahes even
earn more than a million dollars a year. Beachbody has the most popular fitness programs in the
world. Programs like P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, and Brazil Butt lift, just to name a
few. And to support that success we spend over 100 million dollars a year in advetising
these programs. So you can reap the benefits of that exposure and feel confident knowing
that as a Team Beachbody coach your partnering with the number one brand on the market. There
are many reasons in addition to the extra income to becoming a team Beachbody coach.
To get fit and healthy, to get great discounts on Beachbody products, to earn travel and
incentive trips to some great vacation destinations. Or even to workout with your favorite Beachbody
Celebrity trainers. But, most importantly – the time and freedom to do what you want
to do most.
Deryl W – Team Beachbody Coach – The extra income with Beachbody for me is freedom. Freedom
to be at home with my family instead of going off to a job everyday. It’s the freedom to
do what I want, when I want. Think about your own situation, Is what your
doing now going to give you the lifestyle that you and your family deserve? Robert H – Team Beachbody Coach – You
want to go to your kids Baseball games, soccer games, graduations, recitals, be there for
them. You can do that. Its up to you. Carl Daikeler – CEO Beachbody – You can
become the CEO of your own business as what we call an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.
Were going ot make sure that you have everything that you need to be successful and provide
you an amazing opportunity to achieve all your financial dreams. Now, the decision to
go for it is yours. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you. Lets
get started.

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