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This week on London real we have Joe cross creator of the Award-winning documentary fat sick and nearly Dead time bomb waiting to Explode I was thinking [that] the boats and the cars and the [watches] and the they were more important than the micronutrients, and the blood pressure and the cholesterol I Didn’t consume life. I consumed dead and recently did Juicing is drinking water filter through plants So I locked myself up in what I’m calling fruit and veggie prison After five months no more medication 100 pounds down felt the best I’ve ever felt in my life London real presents Joe Cross Fat sick and nearly dead you should love your plants more don’t turn your back on mother nature [lums] [and] Real Academy build the best you So you all have a lot of dots But none of you know how to connect them other fuckers and the only way you connect the fuckers is by doing stuff Am I living in alignment to the way? I want to be living? and there’s a feeling you get if you’re not a Community of action-oriented people that will keep you accountable to your goals Sign up now for a free 30-day trial London real set design by Timothy Bolton I am here in London’s historic Covent Garden as the Opera house right behind me and today I’m going to talk to a man named Joe [cross] also known as Joe the juicer and Joe would have been coming on your screen when you saw him in a movie called fat sick and nearly dead Where he went from an extremely overweight out-of-shape? over consuming ozzy into a very slim man by only Juicing while he [travelled] across America, and it was a film that was seen over 20 million times And it turned Joe cross into Joe the juicer and now He really travels the world talking about juicing and the benefits of juicing because he was really Dead he had an autoimmune disease that was killing him from the inside He didn’t know that what he was eating or his lifestyle was actually ripping him open And he really went back to the basics and really figured out a lot of this himself and so he’s a really interesting guy Really deep and with the new studio format with the low chairs I feel like we really got inside his head and got a new perspective on Joe so I’m super excited to have him on he talked about all sorts of things including the difference between Juicing and blending and a lot of things that I didn’t really know because when I used to make my kale shakes You know I blended them It was all about Vitamix But he explained to me why sometimes a juicer is good because you can’t get all the nutrients You would normally need because of [the] pulp and how pope doesn’t really do anything for you sure it helps with digestion and things like That but the nutritional value isn’t there and it can get in the way of you absorbing nutrients So I’m so great to have Joe there really interesting guy his success secrets as well really fascinating you know to listen to a guy who [publishes] books and he’s on the road and Really just sells himself. You know it’s more than just a documentary for for someone like Joe He really is out there promoting doing the hard work I think he was on like a 22 day book tour that was then going to America you know all of my guests on London real they worked so hard behind the scenes sometimes we just don’t see it and so that’s One of my great takeaways from the show, so I hope you love Joe [I] hope we love the new episode you know We’re raising our game over here at London real in a huge way And that’s happening in the studio with me and of course at the to me. You know the London real academy is something That’s really been on the back of my mind for the last four years and it’s a place where you can build the best you It’s where us as a tribe can make each other better Action-oriented accountable, but also come [with] a lot of love and allow you to be vulnerable, so it’s a fantastic place You can click on the link below and go check it out. 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Joe the juicer London Real Sponsored by bulletproof London real TV is brought to you by Squarespace use the code London for 10% off This is London real. I am brian rose my guest today is Mr.. Joe cross who is a filmmaker? entrepreneur author and Wellness advocate who directed produced and was the subject of the award-winning documentary Fat sick and nearly dead which has been seen by more than 20 million people around the world as well as its sequel Fat sick and nearly dead [to] you wrote the New York times bestseller the reboot with Joe juice diet book which is credited with having Accelerated the plant-based eating movement. Joe. Thanks so much for being here welcome to London real Thanks much, [bran] is great. Debate you might you know there’s so many things I want to ask you about the movies the books you know the movement But there’s there’s one quote [that] really stuck out in my mind that from you And I’m just going to read it out because I [think] it I think a lot of people can’t relate to where you were at the time So I’m going to start and you said the night before my 40th birthday I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the bloke staring back at me more than 100 pounds overweight Loaded up on medication to manage a chronic autoimmune disease [I] finally realized that was my own excessive behavior over the past 20 years too much junk food too many sweets too much alcohol Tobacco and stress that got me in this mess I had squandered my health in the pursuit of wealth and that was a very very tough thing to acknowledge That’s powerful statement. Yeah How long ago was that? Well, I’m 48 now, and that was as you said there It was actually the morning of my 40th birthday is when that happened. I I’d been out to celebrate the night before and You know [I’d] had probably [ten] beers ten points if you like, I had probably two bottles of wine half a bottle of vodka to package of cigarettes and enough Chinese food for probably half of China and you know That was the welcome to 40 Joe go out smash yourself hemi yourself Wake up, go to the medicine jar take pills For a chronic you know autoimmune disease that I’d had for eight long years. [I] was pre-diabetic eyes high cholesterol high blood pressure bottom Line Brian is there was a time bomb waiting to explode Hence the You know the honest conversation that day in the mirror, and I don’t know what caused it. You know people often ask me why then one at the week before one at the month or fall and You know as oprah would say it’s the harm moment, and that was my aha moment And I I think it comes down basically to probably a bit of vanity in that you know I had a four in Front of my birthday, I was all of a sudden 40 the big four oh and It just seemed like only yesterday that I was [twenty] that I was running around playing rugby Rowing running you know my rib [cage] was very evident abs were present [I] Was fit I was healthy. I was strong. I was a lifeguard you know and You know this wasn’t in the brochure. I didn’t sign up to be the fat old white guy you know and 40 I didn’t I didn’t sort of sign up saying yeah, you know I’ll take some of that diabetes that’ll be good and some of that high cholesterol Yeah, and give me a double serve of high blood pressure. [I’ll] take that That just sort of happened And it happened real quick and so That little time machine [that] I used that day to travel back to see how things were [I] kind of used that to go forward And to [say] well if 20 years went by that quick, what’s the next 20 going to hold and that was pretty? frightening that was [and] fronting that was scary, and I even thought you know it’s possible. They may not be here. I may not make the next [20] and so I had this sort of this this Moment where I made the [commitment] in Australia? We have a term which is Shit-Or-get-off-the-pot, and it’s about procrastinating. [I’d] been doing a lot of procrastinating and this was like you know what? Enough is enough you either do something about this joke or you don’t and if you don’t you’re going to suffer the consequences So I didn’t know what to do brian. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to do something and you were 320 pounds at this point. [yes], always. I was 320 pounds I was loaded up on multitude of medications. The autoimmune disease. I had is a thing called Chronic urticaria. Which is essentially? the body Has a all of us have a defense mechanism In our immune system that if anything breaks the dermis your skin effect for example a mosquito bites you when the mosquito Puts its you know. I don’t be course stinger or whatever it is the bite that goes into your body your mast cells [mas] [t]. The Mast cells are kind of like the lookout guys and they go hold on a second you know breakage down here on the big toe [a] Mosquito has just [poked] through [the] big toe so the [marcelles] in that region get a signal from the brain to release histamine and the histamine is released and it localizes the potential poison that maybe that Mosquito put in so it sort of Protects the rest of the body it’s an incredible mechanism for you know immune system. How it works to localize an invader if you like the problem with my Immune system my defense mechanism. Is that it was confused about pressure? Versus of breakage of the Skin so if you shook my hand too hard It was confused that maybe a thousand mosquitoes had just bitten my hand and therefore the muscles Released untold amount of histamine and that didn’t have a lot of places to go [so] I would leak into the joints and all of a sudden my hand would swell up like it’s been slammed in a car door and my Fingers couldn’t move my it was like enough [rytas] sort of thing and I was rendered useless for five or six hours and then had to take high doses of prednisone? To sort of get the [Marcelles] back in check and you’ve been diagnosed with this eight years earlier Yeah, yeah, yeah, and the way. I talk about it. Is that [I] broke at 32 I Was whole I was in good shape. I was fixed if you like All my life, and I broke at 32 and I remained broken Right through until I made the changes. I’m not broken anymore But I was broken. It’s funny because you [talked] about this this the night before your 40th and and that sounds familiar I know we both used to work kind of in the financial industry and Futures and trading and that night out sounds very typical let’s see that’s 10 pints [two] bottles of wine the big meal shots Normal the cigarettes and then let’s do it again the next day and who drops first. Well, you’re then you’re not up for it Yeah, and so you just get ingrained [to] that culture too. Well that’s normal How did the same right and and and that’s a big problem? We have is what is normal? You know what crowd you’re running in and what all of a sudden the new normal and this is you know this Is a trap [that] I definitely fell into you know the Lifestyle that I [generate] around myself [which] was really the focus on wealth not on health No, I like to think about it brian that we’re all jugglers you know all of us every single human on this planet is a juggler and We all juggle predominantly five things is what we juggle. We juggle Love we juggle Career. We juggle family and friends. We juggle self and we juggle health there are five things that we’ve all got it and her balance and Let’s face it juggling fire fees. It’s a lot easier juggling four It’s a lot easier to juggle three and twos easier than three and so on right So I just said you know what bugger this juggling five. I’m going to put love and Put health over there, and I’ll just you know Family and friends I can handle pretty easily, but [that] career thing I’m going to really focus on that and self well, you know I’ll indulge myself. I won’t do the spirituality self I’ll do the self indulgence, so Juggling sort of three things I was really good at that But as you and I both know [Bryan] Somehow it doesn’t work that way if you put those other things over to the side and don’t tend to them it’ll come back to bite you and You [know] that biting comes in the form of breaking and I I often refer to the The way that the world is binary I think I think binary is a word that I associate [with] you know you either buy or sell you’re either awake, or asleep [you’re] pregnant or not pregnant You’re male, or female you dead or alive all these computers everyone listening to us or watching us is all zeros and ones And I also think that when you go and cast a huge net Against the population of the world you either find people that are broken or people that just need a little bit of tweaking Haven’t met anyone is perfect yet, Bryan, and [now] a few people who think they are, but I haven’t met new ideas perfect So I think we all can fall into one of those two camps you’re broken or you just need some tweaking and I certainly was broken and so what I do now and what I talk about now and what I’m focused on now [is] trying to help and inspire and educate and above all entertain the both camps the broker and [the] tweakers and give them a path to maybe certainly going from unbroken or broken to unbroken and fixed and for the tweakers to maybe get on the path and Journey to Find out a little bit better way to Succeed can you tell me how the movie got made why? America why did you go to juice? I know you did some research as far as what the human body had you know subsisted on all the time but from that fortieth Look in the mirror on your 40th birthday to touring across America for 60 days You know you know starring in your own film I had Manifesta, so so the movie was much later And then the change, so the first step was I need to I need to fight fire with fire here I’m in a bad way. [I] mean green this is The equivalent of your house being on fire You can’t pause you got a call 9-1-1 right? You’ve got to get assistance and so Once I came to this Conclusion that my house was on fire. [I] very quickly tried to work out [well] What can I do about it and so no no thinking about a movie nothing about America all about What do I do and? Because I’m a business guy, and I had like eight or nine companies at this stage I’d moved on from Finance And I had a bunch of startups and technology and all Sorts of things and I was busy you know you know what it’s like if you’re running that many companies And you’re doing stuff. You’re working in at 65 70 hours a week Right and what and you were running successful businesses Yeah You know so you you had a proven track record that you could get things done [you] [had] just never focused on your own health Correct so I ditched a bunch of these things sold up as quickly as I could this all took about a year, okay? So it wasn’t like the day after my 40th birthday. I went out and started eating broccoli now I was that [hungover] that I [had] some McDonald’s I mean, I needed I needed to have my food, right I didn’t panic but I knew that it had to be the priorities needed to be shifted and I needed to Flip things around so you just don’t panic and do it overnight, but I had to do it quickly Because I needed to keep the momentum of this inner change inside me this shift and so I used Logic [I] Really went and said okay in business. What do we do we focus a lot on the problems? I’m a problem I’m now the new startup of the new business is fixing Joe I Had outsourced my health to other people when I got sick. I went to doctors. I went to pharmaceutical companies I said here’s some money fix me. I’m too busy to worry about this I’ve got businesses over here You guys went to college rental university you’re the scientist. Here’s a bunch of cash Give me a call when you it all worked out, and I’ll come back Pretty stupid [hey], and they didn’t get it right well I mean this what most people do what I what I just described most people do yeah, that’s what they do Yeah
they outsource their health to somebody else and So on that day when I decided to bring it in-house when I decided to bring it home I Needed to have a plan so I used logic. I mean I Basically said okay, so let’s just think about this for a second you [know] I’m 40 years of age But really am I 40 you know what am I I’m a member of this race called? homo Sapien that is a member of the Humanoid Family and I’m not really [forty] years old. I’m actually seven million years old and if you think about homo Sapien I’m like 225 230 thousand years old depending who you talk to which means that I’m a product of fifteen thousand sets of grandparents that are swap genetic material to create the [magnificent] me and we are top of The food chain we are it. We are the most? Incredible Sophisticated species on this place. We [call] home Planet Earth How did we get to [be] so damn successful? What did we do for all these years that made us? king of the jungle and I at that moment Started to realize about this incredible love affair this incredible partnership connection That we have had with plants this this bond between mother Nature and her goodness and her resources and humans [you] start to think about it I mean just think about all the things that that they’ve done for us or what they do for us from providing shelter you know Tree houses or Timber tables Beds chairs in the old days whatever be added throw a few logs on a fire keep us warm in winter The Co2 we breathe out they take that in and flip that oh – and of course above all they provide the total food group called plant fruit the total amount of Energy all of the macronutrients being carbohydrate protein and fat and all the Micronutrients, they’re all found in in plants the vitamins and minerals [or] phytochemicals. It’s all there [the] complete Guide to food is all found in Plants And so this magic of what for example say cucumber is in that it grows? from this seed and takes nutrients from the soil [on] the Atmosphere the nitrogen and then all of a sudden is h2o the force on the sky and of course the big Daddy in the sky just saw it shines that power down and bingo you have this magical plant called a cucumber that [is] harnessing all of this energy and information for [our] four or five Trillion cells that make [up] the incredible you and me that we take for granted all the time. We don’t think that works I certainly didn’t think what is so once you once you discover or have a have an Understanding from a very big picture point of view about this magic this story this love story this partnership and then I looked at myself and basically went Okay, what did I do I gave mother nature the bird at age 18? [I] basically said thanks very much for all the help you’ve given all my ancestors and everyone else on this planet I’m Joe across [a] march of the universe. I don’t need you See you later mother nature, and I turn my back on her I went and lived on this new food called processed food. I went and lived on what? Effectively is dead food and then animal product which is kind of like recently dead food So I put a lot of dead into my body and of course that affected life in me I Didn’t consume life I consumed dead and recently dead and of course the human bodies are pretty thing I mean, I from the age of [18] 17 when I left home 18, you know five years ten years. I was good I mean, I held up all right, but 14 years later 15 years later when I was 32 I broke because no one can ignore the Biological laws of cause and effect you will break so because I understood all of this brian. I basically said you know what I? have to Go back knock on mother nature’s door and see if she’ll have me back I’ve got to give this a shot I’ve heard something from a professor ron penny who was a very very very [Well-known] respected doctor in Australia And he said Joe 70% of all disease in the western world is caused by our lifestyle choices 7017 do you agree you think that’s about [right]? [oh], you all right no damn that and what are those lifestyle choices that are causing this well the big three are smoking the [amount] of exercise we do what I do and the sort of food and drink we consume there to be three then the next three hot on the hot on the heels is the Sort of sleep you get how you manage stress and how much love and intimacy in your life? And these are the big six lifestyle choices that Affects 70% of disease I mean it’s kind of insanity So I went down that list and went fail fail fail fail fail I mean, you know I was I was [the] disaster. [you] [can’t] fix everything overnight Brian I’ve learned that so I just attacked one thing or Really – I gave up the smokes because that’s not that difficult you know and I decided that I needed to go back to mother nature and she sort of said to me in a little funny way when Our little chat. I had with her over time she said Joe. That’s and I’ll I’ll let you back in you know when I knocked on the door She said you can come back in but I’m not Gonna wave a Magic wand I’m not going to fix you on day one, and I don’t know if I can fix you but Like in any relationship is broken and my relationship with her was broken That if I put the effort in and I really try [hard] to mend this and I pay her the respect and I put it in and do the hard yards That she’ll see what she can do you’re very [well-versed] in this, but you taught yourself all of this yeah over the years What I taught myself this at that moment in time. This was this was like a Realization [that] I had been a complete asshole. [I’ve] been an ignorant Stupid man when I thought I was [a] smart man [I] was focusing on wealth and I was ignoring health I mean I was an idiot [I] was thinking that the boats and the cars and the watchers and they were more important than the micronutrients, and the blood pressure and the cholesterol Were you able to keep any of the peer group you had at age forty as you made this transformation Or did they all think you had lost it did they think that you were just gone [in] some strange new Way I? Think some of them thought that I think that You know I didn’t lose any friends. [I] mean my my friends are A you know I was fortunate if you like, but you know lady luck does follow a person of action But I was fortunate in the fact that I had good friends, but I put [her] hard I put effort into my friendships I don’t I don’t take the for granted. I put the hard yards in and so they’re a bit like concerned when I disappeared like from 2007 to 2011 it had no film to show for it But we’re skipping ahead to the film idea now because the first beginning I now realize I’m going to go back to plants right so the plants idea is a simple [one] and Then when they when they sort of realized that I was now going to just drink juice And you know the way that came about was [that] because I was a hundred pounds heavier than I should be I? Kind of asked the question Brian why? why is it so Like what’s the purpose? Why is it so You know such a bummer that eating pizza drinking beer having chocolate ice cream while watching football? Puts on weight, it’s so unfair [I] mean, I just used to love doing that okay So I could argue that I still love doing that and any people love doing that many more Yeah, every day exactly so I had to ask the question. What’s the benefit to the human body? to our ancestors to our existence going back to that big-picture view What has been the benefit for us as a warm-blooded species to be able to have this ability to? regulate our weight by gaining and losing pounds You know our our? Human body is made up predominantly of five things a Skeleton Organs fat muscle and liquid blood water, whatever you want to call it and The only real [-] that you can adjust and control and have some say over Is the muscle and the fat you know you can let muscle wither away you can build muscle You can stack fat on you can burn fat off and so I started to try [and] understand this as to why was I? 320 pounds, you know what was going on there The best idea I could come up with logically Brian and all honesty was just using my logic was you know what well? [mother] [Nature] used to give and she’s take away there was feast and famine The fact that we live now in this modern [day] world where there’s a feast on every corner. That wasn’t always the way Most of the existence of our ancestors had times where there was plenty or times where there wasn’t much at all in it factor lots of times when there was nothing and So this resonated with me that essentially what was going on? Is that this fat fool that I was looking at in the mirror on that day? Was essentially a body that was protecting me? Why my body was looking after me so from that moment on I don’t see fat people now I didn’t see any fat people anywhere in the world I see people Who are carrying lots of extra Energy and [I’m] like? Is there a famine coming here that I don’t know about I didn’t get the tweet. I didn’t get the email. What’s happening, so? Holding on to all of this energy My body was saying Joe don’t worry when that famine hit sydney nearly the last man standing. I’ve got you covered I’ve got you protected those pizzas and burgers you had when you were 22 They’re still here waiting to be used up right you’re almost reframing the fact. It’s not a bad thing or a lazy thing It’s just you’re holding all this energy And what I’ve [learned] is that? Actually being fat is not the problem. Okay like if you wanted us anyone listening out [there]. Who’s carrying you know? [Ten] Kilos 20 pounds 50 pounds whatever Think about it this way Actually having the fat on you is not really the problem. It’s not great That’s not really the problem the real problem is what you did to put it on and what you’ll continue to do the Lifestyle you did to put it on the amount of fat [that] had to be from supplied through the arteries the plaque that’s built up the problems of the lifestyle in the past that’s where we are causing the drama, so so then once you understand this and you realize that plants are the answer and That possibly not eating is the answer you have a dilemma because I’m going to live on plans But then I’ve got to know eat and so put them together you [get] juice Because what’s juicing juicing is drinking water filtered through plants? That’s [who’s] still trying to get my head around that drinking water filtered through plants and getting the most [for] most [plants] [I] like if we take our cucumber. It’s mostly water an orange is mostly water apple is mostly water Most plants are mostly water We are mostly water our planet is covered in water water is life This is the key thing that You ask anyone Anyone who knows anything about science you need water to have life? So for us or for the way that I was thinking about this is there well We all know what is good for us. What is like the best thing you can drink it’s its life so Surely drinking water. That’s been trapped in a plant when you extract that out That’s got to be good for you. Now. Why is it got color? Why when you pull it out? Is it green or purple or [red] or yellow or orange our five primary colors the fruit and vegetable rainbow well? That’s the sunlight that’s the energy. That’s the phytonutrients that’s the that’s the good stuff [you] [see] the plant if you like the cucumber [the] structure of the Cucumber the cellulous That’s what holds all those nutrients together. That’s mother nature’s packaging That’s how it packages, and that’s how it protects from The Microbes and heat and oxygen that we wants to get in there and basically destroy Consume or dehydrate the plant right and it gives it structure so it can get the sunlight correct it gives [the] destruction a tech structure we call fiber and Fiber is great for us but it’s fiber is fiber fiber does two main things it slows down the absorption of sugary Sort of based fruits or veggies and also cleanse out our colon which is really important, but the actual essence the the Micronutrients that our cells need that Information that’s not in the fiber the fiber is the thing that carries it and that’s the stuff that comes out in the water But that’s what’s in the water. That’s the color and so essentially what I did if you think about Brian is I sort of had this moment of Realization that I was needed to do action I had six months of lots of thinking and and really sort of going to a high part you know I want to say high part like a hundred thousand foot view of life, and then zooming in every now and then and look at things and using a macro [Macro] view and I came to the conclusion that with 70% of all disease being caused by Lifestyle choices My issue was getting well the fat part wasn’t the main driver It was all about getting off meds was about staying alive was about quality of life. It’s about being healthy that I said, right I’ve done 20 years of Basically saying mother nature see you later. I’ve now knocked on a door I’ve done the crime Now got to do the time so I locked myself up in what I’m calling fruit and veggie prison like sentence myself To two years of hard labor with fruits vegetables nuts Bean seeds and whole Grains [I] figured that with 20 years of this complete Arrogance and ignorance that Take 10% of that that would be enough of [penance] and if at the [end] of two years [I] was still sick I Was prepared to accept that I was in the 30% camp not the 70 the unlucky just genetics bad luck Blame my ancestors, okay? wrong place wrong time and The juicing part was kind of like going into prison and putting myself in solitary confinement for the first two months That was the logic that I derived – [you] knew it wasn’t going to be sustainable but it was something you [had] to do it was something that I felt that because my because us we Have done this in the past I really felt that fasting was something that we’ve forgotten to do and it was critical and important look at all the religions Muslim Hindu Buddhism Christianity they all have fasting in them look at animals when they’re sick they don’t eat talk to a racehorse trainer Horses can’t talk to race or trainers and tell them how they’re feeling after a race But a horse trainer knows that if the horse eats up the meal, they’re good as gold if they don’t eat They know there’s something wrong when our little babies are born there’s three ways they tell us. There’s something wrong They scream like hell. They give us a temperature or they go off their food so littered through Just got to look you just got to open your eyes and see that the idea of not eating is something [natural] and normal for human beings right just not us westerners or Us people used to my emails inviting day people that are genetically mismatched for the modern times, so I said right I’ve got to do the fasting I’ve got to do the plants let’s combine it drinking water Just didn’t seem right gut feel led me down the way of juice only 60 days I did 60 random number. There’s another bloke with my initials who did 40 days? I thought you know what a bit. Can’t I can’t do that a bit ago a bit longer than EJC fast for 40 days he did what 40 days water water [and] Yeah, you did 40 days. Did you [say] nights 40 nights wait? Did you consider a water fast? I did consider it okay, but it just didn’t feel right like the gap fill was all these beautiful plants And I could drink water through them that seemed like a bit more logical to me Anyway, so once I started telling a few buddies that I was going to do this, so I was all fired I’m ready to go a mate of mine said listen You know he was in the filmmaking world. He said mate you are the most least likely person to do something like this Because this is in 2006 we’re talking about this now Okay, pre-Youtube [no] no no youtube was one year old when you’re okay right now. You choose one year old It’s one year before the iPhone Okay, this is when DVDs were big remember those thing I do [saw] the things that are round like this He’s to put him in a player and press play So DVDs were big and so I thought you know what my mate is probably talks a bit of sense And there’s a couple of things that could be helpful in this number one. There’s going to be a lense on me Which will help me stay in prison Kinda like the guard you have accountability [the] warden accountability yeah, yeah and also There’s also the fact that if this works boy this would be fun to show people because I I’m not Robinson Crusoe here There’s a lot of other people that are just like me right had you been a better performer at all in your life Had you felt comfortable [in] front of cameras, er. No, I never been in front of a camera. Okay [alright]. I mean perform I mean, I could always tell a story until a joke and you know hold a hold a dinner party conversation to Ransom I could do that but Not not not to the level where I am now [or] making films or anything. No no okay, so you decided to do this film? But you would already experimented with juicing before the film started well I I hadn’t I certainly hadn’t done 60 days [of] just juice, but obviously in the [lead-up] I was like what is going to be like you know I had a few and a few goes at it It wasn’t something that was it wasn’t lifestyle, but you got to understand something right if I knew this was going to work Forget the film or [what] [had] done at the day like I? Didn’t know this is going to work and as it turned out look I committed to two years right 60 days of juice, I’m still sick. It wasn’t like 60 days. Just heal me I did another three months it was Effectively the way I like to think of it as I was let out on good behavior on [Patrol] it on parole if you like five months after going to fruit and veggie prison 60 days [of] juice in 90 days of just consuming fruit vegetable nuts beans seeds juicing and blending and eating it after five months No more medication a hundred pounds down Felt the best I’ve ever felt in my life. I was on top of the world like I Can’t describe. How good I felt and I was no longer broken. [I] was fixed so now I didn’t need in my opinion to do the next one year [in] seven [months] of hard labor I started to slowly bring other food groups in very slowly it took four years before I had red meat [for] example So it slowly I brought things back in and of course [the] [film] had a life itself You asked me what I go to America the main reason. I went to America is back then There was no game of thrones there was no doubt in a [b] and Americans weren’t watching anything That was made anywhere else in the world Except America So if you’re going to make a film, and you want to get people to watch it [you’ve] got to go to where they [are] and so I went there and also driving across, Australia There’s not a lot of people to talk to in the middle of desert, so would have been pretty lonely But [it’s] notoriously hard to stay on a diet on the road But I guess you were the movie was about the diet, so yeah, and I wanted to you know I wanted to Yes, it was but I also wanted to sort of say that you know Going across the country wasn’t the original idea. It was actually just to go to America I got bored being in the one spot [I] just wanted to get off and go so I I went you notice in the film It’s not until the last 30 days that I start to travel because the first 30 days I’m just hanging around, New York and I’m bored no I’ve had to get out so yeah, it was harder But it was actually more interesting to see stuff and talk to people Right can you talking about the the first three [or] four days when you went to juice that? Symptoms you had and the headaches and the withdrawal symptoms. [I] when you described it. I’ve heard you talk about it It [just] didn’t you know it’s it seems, so foreign to me, and then how you felt after that yeah, so I Didn’t know at the time this was going to be so bad I didn’t realize it. I now know. I now know obviously what was going on, but I didn’t know then so I felt like a big 18-wheel truck driver or not truck driver truck had run over me I Thought I was going to die. [I] was that sick. I mean, I forget the cameras. This is this is the Inexperience of not making a film right you didn’t get this on tape [I] hate cameras [him] when I was feeling this bad. I wanted to look good. It was crazy, right? This was in what I know now this would have been gold We’ve got some of them, but I kicked it out of the room. I said I’ll leave me alone I don’t want to do this. I’m forget the movie. I’m dying here. This is the first four days of filming there So here’s four days basically because you Know what? See our bodies want to live survival is a big thing for humans and thirst and Hunger are just two major Survival mechanisms that we have at our disposal think about this imagine if you had a little boy a little girl born that never had the mechanism of thirst [I] never got thirsty That’d be really dangerous because that little baby could forget to drink and When they’re 10 forget to drink, so you’d have to have some [kind] of an alarm system Just to remind o a must drink order a must drink water [on] mustering order Otherwise you die you go five [or] six days ten days without water you’ll die So we have this built-in mechanism that says first. I’m [thirsty] [I’m] parched I Need some water We had this [built-in] that’s been passed on to us by our grandparents by the Seven million Years of evolution that’s what we own we own that and Food or hunger is the same thing grumpy agitated? Make you sick make you tired make you not be able to focus on anything else Brian Food when you don’t eat your body’s going to start telling you who’s in charge And so think about it if we didn’t have this powerful thing about making us eat you and I wouldn’t be and knowing to be watching [no] I’ve been listening to the show because No one would have survived they would have forgotten to eat there are other things going on Trying to stay warm trying to like hang out have sex all these things were going on food took a huge risk leaving family going out trying to bring food back was big issue food, so the idea that You can just not eat and not have any pain that’s insanity. You’re going to go through pain But it doesn’t take long before the body says Oops, we’ve been here before Brian’s back on the Savanna Joe’s back on the Savanna. Let’s double down the pain bit now because We’ve thrown everything at him trying to make him eat over the first three or four days you and [he] couldn’t but it’s not his Fault there was no food around so now let’s give him a lot of energy Let’s give him better eyesight better sense of smell better hearing better focus Let’s fire him up so you can get off his back get out of the cave and walk 50 miles and find us [some] food Fascinating, it’s funny I had clients when I worked in the city who would do Ramadan and so they would be fasting for 30 days And I remember one of them telling me. He’s like. I was like. How do you do it? I was on the phone then we were trading or something and he said Brian he’s like I can smell everything I could see everything I could sense everything and I didn’t know what he was talking about and That’s what happens when you fast for a little while because he body’s in survival mode right. It’s bringing everything much more Senses come alive trying to help you stay alive right right and so [how] did you get through those three days of pain? I mean didn’t you want to go back and grab the nearest thing? I’m sure some caffeine when it made you feel better some ice cream or some you know a Burger or something did use [you] seem [like] a [discipline] guy? Yeah? Well, you know it was it was The fact that I didn’t think I had a choice because I had this was my last shot at trying to fix been broken And so it was more that fear of what I what life would be like if I could make the next 20 years


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