Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 547 – Full Episode – 14th February 2020

Mr. Pintu.
– Yes. I am tired. Tired? We’re almost home. No, not about that. I am tired about
the situation we’re in. My would be husband
is roaming around being my
sister-in-law. Even in dreams
you apply make up on me instead of romancing. Basically my dreams
and reality are mixed now. Sunita,
I myself am so worried. I thought I will embrace
you the first chance I get. But my destiny is bad,
what can I do? Mr. Pintu, a selfie
for our destiny being bad. Yes, click a picture. Hey. Ms. Sunita,
we spoke of destiny and the astrologer
is right in front. Now he will
make our destiny. Come on,
let’s have our palms read. Greetings, sir. Stay a happily
married wife. Sir, I want to
become someone’s husband. I need to marry someone. This is just an act
which I am tired of. Why are you being
so ill ominous, dear? I am not a woman, sir.
I am a man. What?
– Yes. I am being so
because of helplessness. Okay,
so what is your problem? Sir, my problem is that.. I am in love with her. And want to
get married to her. – Okay. But, sir,
my life is a mess. Yes, I can see that. So, can you suggest
a solution for this problem? Yes, sir.
Give us such a solution with which I can say
at home that he’s a guy and my dad also
agrees to our wedding. Yes, sir. You give us a
difficult solution. I’ll do it. I want out
of this woman role so that I can
get married to her. There is a solution. Yes,
there is a solution. But you won’t
be able to do it. What are you saying, sir?
Why won’t I do it? You do not know
what I’ve done in two years. I don’t hesitate or get
ashamed doing anything. You tell me,
I’ll do whatever it is. Well, listen then.
– Yes. For the next seven days You won’t take a shower
nor wash your hair. You will stay
just the way you are. And after seven days you will take a dip
in the River Ganga. Only then
will your work be done. Wow, sir!
You gave a very easy solution. I don’t take a shower
for weeks together anyways. Now I don’t even
have to wash my clothes. I’ll do it..
– Yuck. No, the solution is
difficult but I will do it, sir. It’s the solution.
I need to do it, right? So, give me my
fees of 500 rupees. Here you go, sir. Okay, sir. We’ll be
leaving now. Please bless us. May you live long and prosper. Put some more
chutney in this. Put some sweet. No, I want..
– Ms. Elaichi.. What happened? Why do
you seem exhausted? Ms. Elaichi,
I am not exhausted. My life is
about to get ruined. I have bad news. You’ve been giving only
bad news since two years. When have you
given good news? Shut up. Mr. Pintu. If you
talk out of line again I’ll splash the tamarind
water all over your face. What will I do
with just the water? Shut up, all of you! He’s been trying
to say something but you aren’t listening. Sir, I’ll listen.
Tell me.. Correct,
now you tell me, sir Is it fine
when a boy loves a girl.. And the girl also
loves the boy, then is it.. Hey! What? Just do your job
and stay silent. And cover your ears
too. We’re discussing secrets. Come on,
cover your ears.. Now you tell me,
what happened? Sir has
Dikshith’s pistol. So?
– He has Dikshith’s pistol! Your worrying
as if Mr. Dikshith told my dad to shoot Pancham and on that note,
wash the pistol and return it. Ms. Sunita,
try to explain this to her. She’s your friend,
she listens to you. She’s been forcing me
to tell sir about our wedding. Now you
please tell her that this
isn’t the good time and I will tell him
when the time is right. It’s amazing
that sir has a pistol. So the wedding guests
will be welcomed with a bullet. Hey,
what do you think of my dad? He’s not a gangster that he will shoot
anyone and everyone. Hey, Ms. Elaichi. You dad
just told me this.. one of his
friends daughter eloped from home to get
married to the one she loved. And that she shot
her husband with a pistol. So? What do you
wish to say? I want to say
he too wasn’t a gangster. Yet he killed
out of anger. What he’s saying is true. If you ask me,
unless he returns the pistol you people keep peace. That’s right.
– What is he right about? Come on.
I encouraged you so much. You’re scared again,
right? What do you
mean scared, Ms. Elaichi? I am not scared,
I am being practical. I want to spend
this lovely time with you. I want to be alive. Mr. Pancham,
I am sure you would’ve heard ‘Why to fear
when in love?’ And you’ve fallen in
love as well as got married too. If you ask me,
have a child. Have a child and
give it to the grandfather. Seeing the kid,
sir will be so happy and nice. What are you saying!
I’ll thrash you. I said, have a child. Is everyone
done talking? Can I say something? See, whether it’s
a pistol or a sword. We need to
face it at any cost. Who knows if dad agrees
and gives me blessings. Right? Maybe my friend will be
beheaded. Right.
This is what will happen. There are high chances. Pintu, you’re such a.. Negative person. Please hear me out once. Please listen carefully.
– Oh, come on. You just listen to me carefully
and try to understand. What’s this? We have to talk to dad
and tell him the truth today no matter what. Otherwise, our lives
will be full of troubles. Okay, fine.. If this is what you want,
then we’ll talk. Mister, Papri Chaat. Hey mister. Ears. Papri Chaat.
– Okay, ma’am. Did you hear anything?
– I heard. But I won’t tell anyone. Mr. Murari, you have the food,
I am going to sleep. I couldn’t sleep even once
since morning. Sorry?
What did you say? Oh, Mr. Murari,
you’ve lost hearing. Get your ears cleaned!
You’re mishearing things! I am going to sleep! Why are you saying it so loudly?
Talk softly. Am I shouting?
I am doomed. Hey, why are you crying? Listen. I can understand
that there’s problem in my ears and I can’t hear properly.
Sometimes I can’t hear at all and everything seems to be
so quiet. But remember this. Don’t tell this to Pancham,
his wife people in the neighbourhood
or anywhere. Otherwise, people will make
fun of me. Understood? And even I won’t let anyone
get to know that I am unable to hear.
Okay? Greetings, sir. Hey boy, Elaichi.
Yes. Sir, it’s.. No problem, sir.
You can call whatever you want. Dad. We both want to discuss
something important with you. S-Sir, actually.. A-Actually.. I.. I-I love Ms. Elaichi so much and even she loves me. And.. And we both have got married. Dad. I am sure, you must be thinking
that he is married. But, no..
He’s not married. In fact,
he’s completely a bachelor.
And.. He just pretended
to be married. Ms. Pintu is his friend.
I mean he’s a man. Pintu is a man
and he’s his friend. And.. T-They both were bound
to lie to you to get this house
and job. Otherwise.. A-Actually, I.. I-I knew this right from
the beginning, Dad. I-I am sorry
for my behaviour. What happened, sir?
Are you very angry? You’re not saying anything. Dad, it’s not
Mr. Pancham’s fault. We wanted to get married
with your blessings but as soon as grandma
got to know about us then she pretended to fall ill
and got us married. And it was during the time
when you were in Banaras. Sir, we didn’t want to hide
anything from you. We just had a fear that you
are a heart patient and you can’t handle it. Yes, Dad. Our marriage is incomplete
without your blessing. We’ve got married,
but we haven’t started a married life yet.
– Yes. Dad, we just want you to allow us just for once and forgive us.
Please, Dad. Please, sir. Ms. Elaichi.
– Yes. I don’t know why I am feeling
like he’s going to go mad. K-Keep quiet. Please. Dad, I know that all this is very strange for you. You may need time to understand
and digest this. I know, Dad. But even we’re ready to wait. We can understand. You take your time
and think. And we’ll wait
for your blessings, Dad. Yes, sir. Will you please tell us
in the morning? Please, Dad. Please. We’ll make a move. Let’s go.
– Yes. Sir..
– Come, let’s go. – …bye. I am not able to
hear anything. But I partially heard
what they said. But I didn’t let
them come to know that I am not able to hear. But I feebly
heard the important part of what they said and
came to know what the matter is. Let me go and tell that to Karu. Here they come.
– Here they come. What are you doing? I am checking which bone of
yours has Mr. Murari broken. What happened?
What did your dad say? Dad didn’t say anything. No one says anything
in such matters. They just pick up whatever
they find and throw at you. Yes. Pancham, your condition
should have been bad. But you seem to
be perfectly fine. Your hair should’ve
been in a mess and you should’ve
had a black eye. But looking at you,
it doesn’t seem so. That’s what even I am
not able to understand. How come Mr. Murari
didn’t react violently? Guys,
you better tell us the truth. Are you hiding anything from us? God! Sunnu,
dad really didn’t say anything. Unbelievable! I mean, he creates a
furore without reason. How can he be quiet
hearing such a shocking news? What do you mean?
– I mean.. Tell me. Did you tell
him everything in detail? Did you explain
everything to him clearly? Of course,
we told everything clearly. That we love each other
and that we’ve married. What else is there to tell? He was quiet even then,
is it? – Yes. Elu, let’s a selfie
on this occasion. Sure, go ahead. God! Murari, where were you? Were you washing
the dishes? Why would I wash my neck?
It is already clean. God! I said, dishes, not neck.
Were you doing the dishes.. Anyway, forget it.
What were you doing outside? Listen. – Yes. I heard such a news outside
that you can’t even imagine what happened outside.
– What happened? Why are you forbidding?
– Tell me. What happened? Why are you forbidding me? No matter how
much you forbid me even then I’ll tell you. Listen.
– Yes. Elaichi and Pancham told
me while I was outside that Mrs. Pancham is pregnant. What!
Is Pintu pregnant? – Yes. But how is that possible? She spends so much time
with me in the kitchen. She never told me this news. Did you hear it correctly?
– No one commits mistakes in hearing such matters. They both very clearly told me.. ‘Sir, we want to give
you some good news.’ ‘Sir, Pintu is pregnant.’ ‘Yes, Dad.
Ms. Pintu is pregnant.’ ‘Are you happy to
hear this, Dad?’ Wonderful! I am so lucky. You gave me such
wonderful news. What! Whose waist? Your waistline is
bigger than a coastline. No matter how much
dieting you do you can never
have a slender waist. Murari, I said news,
not waist. I don’t know what I should
do about your ear problem. God! I just remembered.
– What? – See here. I’ve got ear drops for
you from Mrs. Sharma. She told that if you
put this drops now the ear infection will be
gone by tomorrow morning. The other ear as well. Elaichi,
is it the lull before the storm? Yes, pal. You gave
him such shocking news and he didn’t
show any reaction. He was calm even when you told
him that you both are married. Mr. Pintu, you should be happy
that dad didn’t react adversely hearing this news. – That’s
the matter for concern, Elaichi. He keeps cursing me
even for minor mistakes. How did he digest
such a big news? Because this is not
an ordinary matter. It is the question of our lives. Maybe, you know,
dad is taking time to think. See, we have told
him everything. And he heard us calmly.
Isn’t that enough for us? What more do we need? No, Ms. Elaichi,
we should think about it. Mr. Murari has acted
very patiently. Otherwise, hearing this news,
he should’ve hit him on his head with a planter. If he couldn’t
lay his hands on anything he would’ve at
least strangled him. – Hey! Stop scaring me. Guys, forget about all this. How will we come to know
about Mr. Murari’s decision? I have told him to think
about it properly in the night and tell us his
decision in the morning. Whatever his decision is, we’ll
come to know it in the morning. But, Elaichi, if Mr. Murari..
– No, Pancham, be positive. He heard the truth we
told about ourselves. We can make out his decision
by the expression on his face. For that, we will have
to wait till morning. And you guys,
go to bed peacefully. Please. She is right.
Ms. Elaichi is right. Pancham, come on, let’s catch
some good sleep tonight. You never know we might’ve
to spend tomorrow night on the bench in the
railway station. Pintu, let’s take a
selfie on this occasion. Sure, go ahead. You are not taking
me to bed with you. Good night. – Good night.
– Come. – Let’s go. Are you also leaving?
– Bye, Pintu. Listen, Murari.
– Yes. Yes.
– I was thinking that Pintu and Pancham
doesn’t enough money to raise a child. Why don’t we help them out? They are like a family to us. Yes, do it.
It’s fine. Do it.
– Really? It’s done. We will spend the hospital bills and do everything for them. I will talk to the
priest tomorrow. I’ll ask him to arrange
for everything including a veneration. One more thing.
– Yes. In every veneration,
Elaichi will donate. Pancham is going
to be a father. Then why will Elaichi donate? Oh, Murari.
Did you forget? When we went to Banaras a priest told us
about something? That Elaichi shouldn’t face any difficulties
during her pregnancy so she needs perform
the veneration. What? I’ve recovered from pain. What are you saying? What are you
talking so nonsense? Murari, it’s not pain. I am talking about
offering veneration. Didn’t the priest from Banaras
told us to perform veneration? Yes, veneration. Then do it.
When did I deny? Go on. – Listen.
– Yes. While looking at Ms. Pancham it doesn’t look like that
she is pregnant. Murari, you’re too much. Not everything is in our hands. They are a young couple. They are supposed to do
family planning now not when we get old. Don’t talk about that. If you want I can make
still make babies. Murari, you’re too much. Mom how come you’re here
in the morning? What happened? Are you talking about morning? When your dad
told me this news I am unable to sleep. Elaichi,
you’ve no idea that how happy are we
after hearing such a news. After a long time, I got to hear
such a good news. Good news. It means you’re happy, Mom. What do you think that your mom will be unhappy after hearing such a news? No, I didn’t mean that. I was just.. Dear, we should feel happy
for such news not sad. What about Dad? Murari.
He is so happy that that he want to keep dancing
for whole day. But because of his weight
he can’t dance. He really likes Pancham. But he don’t say it in person. What are you saying?
– Yes. He is happy in
Pancham’s happiness. Really? Mom, are you saying this
just to make me feel good. Dear Pacham is so clever. Nobody knew that he’s thinking
to start a family. Mom, it happened so fast that.. Dear,
it doesn’t happen so easily. What do I say? Just think that whatever happened
is according to God will. By God grace our families are
filled with happiness. I thought you both will be upset after hearing the news. Why shall we be upset? Pancham didn’t harm anyone. Listen dear, Pintu..
– Mom. I am very happy. I am extremely happy. I am unable I was scared that
how you guys will react after knowing this news? We should eat sweets
from confectioner Bittu after this news, right? Go and bring it
when the shop opens, okay? Okay, I will bring it. Mom, I’ll just be back, okay?
– Okay, go. Elaichi is too much. I have to tell her
to take care of Pintu. After a long time, there will
be happiness in our family. I am so lucky.


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