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Coronoavirus, so it is better if we use some
boiling water on lemon. Hello everyone! Good to meet you! I haven’t been here for a while. Today, I will be eating like Okan Serbes which
is the Turkish fitness youtuber. And it’s gonna be double challenge, because
I also don’t understand too much Turkish. I will have to rely on my vision rather than
what he talks about. Yes! We’re starting from the glass of water with
some lemon. If you still don’t subscribe to the channel
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now on my finger. As I said, we are starting from the glass
of water. My father drinks this combination every morning
for the last three or four years. Every single day and he says that he feels
much better. Let’s start from
the breakfast. So, for breakfast we are eating boiled eggs. vegetables which is tomatoes cucumber cheese
– peynir – which is Turkish type of cheese, bread and tahini. We gonna eat a little bit less than Okan,
because my muscles and Okan’s muscles. Yes, different. This video seems to be boring so I’m adding
some narration and breaking eggs in the meantime I guess. I guess I broke them but whatever. Yes you broke them… We want the yolk to be soft, liquidy so we’re
gonna boil them for around 6 minutes in total. I like cheese a lot so I’m gonna use a lot
of cheese today. This is a pretty good Turkish cheese I haven’t
been eating this for a long time. Now, let’s put a little bit of lemon, olive
oil. What’s a good rule about doing boiled eggs
is to put them in the cold, iced water just after you take them out from the boiling water
so they stop boiling. Okay so here we have our eggs. Here we have our vegetables and cheese peynir
and here is tahini. This is pretty Turkish. They always eat vegetables like cucumber,
tomato and cheese and this is very Turkish Okay let’s try it but first why do I hate
boiled eggs so much. There is a couple of reasons. First of all they smell worse than any other
egg. Especially when you peel it. Second of all you need to pill it is very,
very annoying Third of all they just kind of taste strange. I look like I hate these eggs, really. I’m disgusted. This is pretty typical Turkish breakfast thing
which is like a lot of vegetables cheese and egg in some form. Plus something sweet to it in this case it’s
tahini. It in total I would say around 6 points out
of 10. Mainly because I don’t like boiled eggs. I love this combination of cucumber tomato
and cheese mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. Amazing! That’s so Turkish so Turkish way of eating
vegetables as well with lemon and olive oil but boiled eggs are not that common actually It feels pretty good to record again things
in English. I think that in Polish it’s a little bit easier
for me, but in English it’s just more challenging and I like it recording in English. Remember, leave the thumb up, comment below
mmm and subscribe to the channel. I usually get up earlier than Basak. I think that she’s still sleeping. I will go upstairs and see what she’s doing. I’m doing the food video I just ate breakfast. Did you go to the shop? Yes I need to explain myself. He makes me look like a lazy person I’m just
an anxious person trying to shake off anxiety and sleep helps me. okay that’s too much. I tried Baasak’s new bra on myself? What?! No, you won’t see anything else. I bought a new trousers and the question is. Should I buy them/leave them or should I return
them? Keep them, I like them. Normally, if I was in the shop and I tried
them. I wouldn’t buy them. Am i such an amazing boyfriend? Am i doing some oatmeal for Basak now? They accidentally gave us this from Getir
when we ordered. It was just in the package I didn’t order
it or like it was a gift I don’t know but it’s honey with like ginger and some other
things that I don’t know in English. So Basak will be eating breakfast and in the
meantime I will be preparing my second breakfast which is shake made with milk and protein
powder. Yes! Put milk, put this milk, put some powder,
mix it and mix it more! Mixing again? It tastes pretty much like chocolate milk. It has just a little bit more calories because
of the protein powder. Pretty good thing actually but I guess I prefer
to do proper smoothies. And as I said before it has probably around
400 calories maybe 450 calories. Do you want to try? I know I ate something like this for the Korean
girl video. So breaking rules we’re not eating like Okan
for two hours. Basak wanted to go out and we are just observing
how people behave in the virus world. Halo! I’m looking for Turkish channels with Turkish
subtitles. This is because I want to improve my Turkish. I would like to watch something nice, not
necessary the food related videos or Fitness related videos. It has to be something just nice, it can be
anything. So if you have any ideas just let me know,
please. We came back, time for Lunch Today we’re eating poached chicken or boiled
chicken and brown rice. Nothing special, nothing special. I’ve already prepared the chicken a couple
of days ago. I always salt chicken because when seasoned with salt it’s always better. If you just wait for an hour or even a day
it’ll be perfect after that – very soft. You need to just put it to the cold water,
just not warm water. Make water simmer and after that he’s gonna
simmer for ten minutes. What am I doing with this little spoon? Mixing? Touching this chicken breast? and now I’m
just adding some lemon? I’m adding like one Turkish glass of brown
rice. Basak warned me that this rice, this brown
rice apparently needs three glasses of water for one glass of the rice. When normal rice is usually like two glasses
of water nice rice… Oooh, perfect Pawel, you’re so perfect. It’s around ten minutes since we’ve put chicken to the water and I think we can take it out. Every time you’re doing chicken and want this
chicken to be good… Leave it for like five minutes before you
cut it, so it keeps all the water inside, all the liquid and it’s gonna be more juicy. That’s why we’re gonna wait for it for five
minutes. So we’re waiting, we’re still waiting and
we’re cutting our little chicken and I hate myself when I’m eating in front of the camera,
really It’s pretty good! Okan also used mint on it. I think nane… Really, I didn’t add mint on my rice? And Okan also had compote. I don’t really know the English name for compote
but it’s like the juice from fresh fruits. I have no idea what I can comment here, but
you’re eating beautiful Pawel Very good, very salty, I put too much salt
to it. I am questioning only one thing. Did I make this Turkish strange pasta instead
of rice?! Basak! Are you coming downstairs? Is it pasta? Baby… it’s Sehriyer…. Okay, so another time will be brown rice,
because today we’ew having pasta. Can you imagine? I am stupid, but it doesn’t matter. It’s almost the same food as the guy ate. So no worries, everything is okay. Ok, summarizing. Even though I ate pasta instead of rice. Yes. It was still pretty good, I would give it
like 6 points out of 10. It’s quick to be prepared, it’s pretty tasty. You can do it in advance for a couple of days
and it also has I guess a lot of calories so for lunch it works very very well. Nuts. I eat them even though I hate them but the
guy was eating them so I need to eat them as well. Ops. Yes! Everything was going smoothly until now because
kofte that Okan eats is not a normal kofte as I thought. But it’s a cauliflower kofte that I have no
idea how to do yet. It was the most funny part of entire cooking, I guess. Because this cauliflower was such a hard opponent. I just couldn’t make it. You are gonna die cauliflower. And when I finally did it the kitchen was
totally messed up. I made a mess in entire kitchen which I need to… I need to find out how to prepare the meat. I will try to cook it somehow. Okay we’re closing the meat to just simmer
for some time on a low heat and I guess cauliflower is good because it was 30 minutes. You’re doing well, you’re doing well, you’re
doing… Can you do something without messing it up Pawel? We lost some cauliflower… We meshed cauliflower… At least cutting onions went well… Some breadcrumbs… Maybe a little bit of salt. Pepper. And one more essential – two eggs. So I think that this mixture for the cauliflower pancake… It doesn’t have the right consistency so it
cannot keep the shape because I think it will be just… okay one is on the pan. Let’s see what is happening Do it, do it! Seems like my girlfriend know better everything. I’m giving up My girlfriend is gonna judge it and I am gonna
judge it. We’re gonna eat with the same fork. Corona! It’s good. It tastes like Mucver. The flavor is very nice. And because before I made pasta instead of
brown rice. Right now I am just doing brown rice… I hope that it’s gonna be good because it
took me two hours, two hours to finish this. It shouldn’t have taken you that long. It’s not that much of work, but because you
don’t know how to make a lot of stuff. There was a lot of time going into research. Finally, two hours later we are cheating a
little bit by using soda and opening it with a nife. Ok, so finally cauliflower kofte plus some
red meat and rice, let’s try it. Basak says that it’s pretty good. These pancakes are very, very good. For Turkish viewers, they tastes just like
Mucver. Give it a grade. All together? All together. Six. And I’m giving also 6 then. Because I like these cauliflower cakes very,
very much. And meat is just meat, and rice is just rice. But for this. This is 7. But, together is 6, because it is not that
good. It was very, very good cauliflower pancakes. So we ate our dinner. It got pretty late and I cleaned everything. Right now I am going to help Basak. That’s it, that’s it for today.

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