Jay Cutler’s Protein Pancakes | The M&S Vault | 2014

Jay Cutler here we’re down at Muscle
& Strength and we’re in the kitchen and we’re doing something different today uh
normally you see Jay Cutler in the gym and you don’t see as much behind the
scenes things and I have a specialty that I wanted to do today and it’s Jay
Cutler’s protein pancakes used to mix with oatmeal and of course we’re going to
cook those up and show a tasty recipe that I like to use to get all my
carbohydrates and my proteins in I’m going to start off introducing all
the product of course we’ve got Jay Cutler total protein we have the oat
meal which we’re using quick oats Pam of course we use spray pam we
have the egg whites here we have Splenda which I prefer to use doesn’t mean that
it necessarily has to be the sweetener that you use and of course some cinnamon to sprinkle on and a mixing bowl all right so I’m gonna start off I’m gonna preheat the pan okay
since we’re using an electric stove sometimes it’s a little easier to preheat obviously when you
cook you cook with gas when I’m home in Las Vegas but alright so we’re gonna start
off we’re gonna we’re gonna put the oatmeal into the mixing bowl we’re gonna
use 1/2 a cup of oatmeal okay I’m using a 1 cup our measurement here okay this
into the bowl that takes care of that then I’m gonna mix 1 cup we have liquid egg
whites here which is sometimes easier of course you can crack your eggs too we’re
gonna this is equal to 6 egg whites in here which is about 18 grams of
protein takes care of that okay I’m gonna add
I’m gonna add one packet of Splenda in here sometimes I do two depending on the
sweetness I’m gonna do two scoops which is 24 grams of protein so this is going to be
the total amount I mean talking 60 grams of protein between course the protein
and the oatmeal and then we’re gonna mix this which is
gonna be much easier to use a whisk and we have my of course wooden spoon
today you probably want to whisk it up for you
know a good couple minutes you can use a blender now what I have here like I
said it’s about 64 grams of protein 34 carbohydrates and about 6 grams of fat
and what I’m going to do is I usually make one big pancake I usually suggest
maybe two okay so two decent size and the funny thing is I used to be a I used to
be a cook when I first started getting into bodybuilding a lot of people don’t
know I worked at a restaurant my sister’s boyfriend owned a restaurant I
was a line cook so I did it I was actually in charge of the pancake
station so I should be a professional at making pancakes so we’re gonna let this
let this cook a little bit and of course we have the cinnamon and you can either
put on after I prefer to mix it in a little bit because I really like
cinnamon anyone that’s seen you know my cooking in the past what I what I
prefer I always use cinnamon in my contest prep it’s something that gives
a little more flavor and it tastes kind of sweet so obviously when you’re
dieting it makes it pretty special to eat so I’m going to let this cook for each side for
about you know a minute and a half two minutes then try these things out and see
how they taste little more cinnamon on there more flavor there I like sweet things there you have it so 64 grams of protein there’s your pancake
right there enough I try to take in between 60 and 75 grams protein per meal
obviously you know I try to reach my protein content each day split over six
meals I try to take in that amount so try this out as you can see it’s cooked
all the way through pretty tasty


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