Jam Jam’s family on a trip to Singapore! [The Return of Superman/2020.02.16]

The Return of Superman, episode 316. “Playing with Daddy”. Good morning, Jam Jam. You’re very cheerful early in the morning. Where should I put this? Why are you packing, Jam Jam? We’re going somewhere to have some fun. Shall we? Yes. Where are you going? She’s answering her own questions. (Going on a trip is always fun) (She’s doing well on her own.) We need to pack up now. We need to get ready to go on a trip. Where? It’s where Mom and Dad went for our honeymoon. – Now it’s a family trip. / – It’s not far. We need to get our passports by the way. I have them ready here. – Let’s look at the photo. / – It’s Jam Jam’s passport. – What, Jam Jam’s passport? / – Let’s see. It’s fun to look at the photos. This is Jam Jam’s photo. – “Jam Jam’s photo”. / – Let me see as well. – What is this? Jam Jam. / – Show us too. Jam Jam, who is that? Wait, she looks a bit like my daughter, Hayoung. Why is my hair slanted? Why is your hair slanted? I guess I made a mistake cutting your bang. (It’s okay.) It’s pretty. (The more you look at it, the more charming it is.) Will you take all of our passports? She doesn’t forget to take the passports. What will Jam Jam take with her? She’s already put two dolls. (And the important thing is…) What is she looking for? (Where did I put it?) Where’s the watermelon? – Watermelon? / – Watermelon? Watermelon? You want to take a watermelon? – You can’t take watermelon. / – It’s winter. You want to buy a watermelon to take with you? – Watermelon. / – What? Watermelon shoes. Do you want some watermelon? Watermelon shoes. (She says it clearly.) – Are you looking for the shoes? / – Watermelon shoes? (Yes, the shoes!) – Oh, your… / – Where are they? Your swimming shoes. How do you understand that? She has some things she wants to take. I was wondering what you wanted. I thought you wanted to eat watermelon. Watermelon shoes. Watermelon shoes. Do you want to put them on now? – No. / – Will you pack them? – When I swim. / – You’ll wear them to swim? Watermelon shoes are to wear when she goes swimming. – I guess they’re her aqua shoes. / – I’ll take these. – I’m done. / – Thank you. Gosh, she’s all grown up. Kiss me. We’re done packing. (She kisses Dad to celebrate preparing for the trip.) She wiped it off. – My goodness. / – Why did you wipe off my kiss? (I’m sorry, I did it without realizing.) Come on. Look at her acting cute. (He doesn’t know which is the real one) (The thought of going on a trip makes her sing.) – ♪ He doesn’t know ♪ / – She’s so good. The thought of going on a trip makes her sing. Soyul and I went to Singapore for our honeymoon. Actually, all three of us went, but my wife had to be careful back then. This time, we’re going to make great memories together and enjoy Singapore fully. Jam Jam is going! – Going. / – Going. (This was filmed from 6th to 8th of December 2019.) Its green nature whispers to you during the day and its shining lights welcome you at night. It’s a fancy paradise filled with romance and leisure. A gourmet paradise filled with global cuisine. This tourist haven stimulates your senses every day with fascinating scenes. They came to Singapore. Dad is an archaeopteryx. (“Back in My Day”) (They debuted like a comet in 1996.) In 1996, they made their debut like a comet and became a legend of the 20th century. However, this daddy couldn’t forget his past heyday and ended up getting stuck in his memories. Back in my day… (We’d say “Alas, hooray!” It was a famous phrase.) (Why?) (The modern kid, Jam Jam tries to understand her dad.) (Why? Why?) (It’s kind of tiring that you keep asking why.) (Why?) (Jam Jam asks “Why?” to her nostalgic dad.) The 21st-century-kid, Jam Jam and her 20th-century dad have the most amazing trip that transcends a century. Let’s go with them now. Jam Jam. Daddy has prepared a huge convertible car for you. This big? A convertible? Is Heejun going to spend a lot today? (Your face is funny, Dad.) – This big. / – I think Heejun is more excited. Goodness. I guess Heejun has ambitiously prepared something. You’re so cute, Daddy. – Am I cute? / – Yes. Give me a kiss. – Goodness. Her cuteness / – It was an Eskimo kiss. is on another level. – Goodness. / – An Eskimo kiss. She’s so cute. It must be even better that she’s with her mom as well. I know. (Their convertible car is here.) – The convertible? / – Is it here? (He meant the city tour bus.) – Let’s get on this. / – That’s what he meant. – It’s the city tour bus. / – Right. Excuse me, how much is it? It’s 29 dollars each. – Thank you. / – Thank you. The upper deck is open. Right, like a convertible. It’s completely open. – The sky looks so beautiful. / – It’s beautiful. This is great! (They happily shout on top of their lungs.) Hurrah! – Hurrah! / – This feels great! Right, it’s exciting to feel the wind on the bus. Jam Jam looks so excited. – Honey. / – Yes? Back in my day, the back seat of a bus had a special meaning. You had to do something in the back seat. He must’ve sat in the back seat during our outings. Ta-da! – What is this? / – Do you know what this is? It’s a “mymy” cassette player. It was a hip item, a portable cassette tape player. Of course I know it. I used to listen to H.O.T’s cassette – until the tape stretched out. / – Did you? – This is a “Mymy”. / – What year is that from? – Back in my day… / – We used MP3 players in my time. (She was born in 1991.) Even the mom and the dad have a generation gap. My generation used MP3s – to download songs. / – That’s too bad. – This is more nostalgic. / – We were more stylish. It gives you a warm feeling as you listen to it in the last row on the bus. – There are so many good songs. / – Does it play? (“Since, You’ve Gone” by Moon Heejun) It plays. Gosh. But I agree. Interestingly enough, cassette tapes have a special vibe to it. Of course. ♪ It looks so sad ♪ This song… ♪ No ♪ Your voice sounds so young. – How is it? Do you like it? / – I love it. (The one born in the 21st century feels left out.) She doesn’t know anything. (This old man is reminiscing.) Only her parents are excited. – Stop singing. / – What? What did you say? – Stop singing. / – Stop singing? She doesn’t know the song. Why did you pull it out? I won’t listen to it. – Should we stop? / – Yes. I was only trying to bring back the 90s nostalgia. It’s our first time on a double-decker with Jam Jam. – Shouldn’t we take a picture? / – A picture? – Yes. / – I prepared for it. Back in my day… – Did he prepare a film camera? / – What is this? (Back in my day…) What is this? We have to use this. – What is this? / – This is the mood we’re going for. Goodness, I can’t believe I got it right. I haven’t seen one in a long time. You have to go like this. – Listen to it. / – Did you forget? When the thing stops rolling, that means it’s ready. – Look at the camera. One… / – If you make a mistake, you could lose all of your photos. – That’s right. / – I can’t take multiple shots. I have to rewind it every time. One, two, three. – Let me see the picture. / – Do you want to see? Look here. Look through this. – How cute. / – What? Nothing’s there. Don’t we have to take it to a photo studio? Yes, and we have to pick it up later. – Yes. / – This is crazy. (The pictures look natural.) It turned out well. (They don’t need any retouching.) We’re here! Their first destination is the landmark of Singapore, Marina Bay. The imaginary beast with a lion’s head and a fish’s body, – the Merlion is a must-see here. / – That’s right. You must get a picture here. It’s the merlion. – Water. / – There’s water coming out. Why is there water coming out? I wonder why. Maybe it drank a lot of water. Why? – Maybe it’s brushing its teeth. / – Brushing? Why is it brushing its teeth? Why? I think the lion had too much candy. Why? That’s why it’s brushing its teeth. He’s answering her patiently. Lion, lion. – It feels cool. / – It feels so cool. (They’re splashed with the lion’s gargle water.) – The water is splashing a little. / – It’s cold. – How cute. / – Mom, it’s moist. – “It’s moist.” / – “It’s moist.” – Does it feel good? / – Are you happy? She’s excited after seeing the water. – The film camera is back. / – One, two, three. – Lion. / – Lion. – Lion. / – One, two. – When you travel, pictures are a must. / – Of course. Their pictures look so peaceful and warm. – We’ll catch the water like this. / – Look here. (They take a picture with a concept.) – Jam Jam. / – Look at Dad. (Jam Jam is catching the water.) Jam Jam, you have to take pictures like this here. What is that? Some people always take pictures with concepts. Okay. (Dad decided to take it by himself.) – He’s good. He’s so good. / – This angle is perfect. That feels refreshing. (Dad continues to take concept pictures.) Jam Jam, do you remember we came to this place before? – Yes. / – She does? – Do you really remember? / – I remember. – You do? / – Yes. – You were in Mom’s tummy. / – She wasn’t even born. I saw like this. (You’re so cute.) – Did you look out like this? / – Did you see? – Through her mom’s belly button? / – Did you see it? Honey, isn’t this the place? This is where we took the picture. – Yes, this is it. / – Right here. Here. It was here. Wow, she’s right. Sir, could you take a picture of us? – This is a meaningful place. / – You’re busy. You have to take pictures of us too. – Jam Jam was in her mom’s tummy back then. / – Yes. (They took a family picture with Jam Jam 3 years later) It must remind them of their memories. This is like a grocery store. Jam Jam, strawberry. Where are you going? – Banana. There are bananas too. / – Bananas? – Please give me a banana. / – Here. – You want a banana. / – Let’s pay for them first. – Over there. / – Ask them to charge us. Does she know how to pay? – How much is it? / – “How much…” (She understood Korean. It’s 3 dollars and 10 cents.) She understood. Gosh. She doesn’t have money. There isn’t any. Jam Jam. Ask for it. – I’ll lift you. / – Are you putting it in your pocket? – Put it in. / – You should give her the money. How cute. Hold her up. – Okay, thank you. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (Give me change.) She was able to purchase something abroad. She really bought something abroad. – She really did. / – Thank you. Sit here. (Her dad prepared a portable cushion for her.) – That’s nice. / – How is it? – Is it comfortable? Do you like it? / – Yes. They love their daughter so much. Do bananas in Singapore taste different? – I bet they taste delicious. / – Back in my day, – Not again. / – traveling abroad wasn’t something easy to do. He brings it up again just as we’re about to forget. Even his wife is getting tired of it. If you go to Gyeongju, you have to eat the bread. – In Jeonju, bibimbap. / – Dad, why aren’t you eating? – Why aren’t you eating? / – She’s stopping him. – I’m busy talking. / – Why aren’t you eating? – She’s covering his mouth. / – It’s good. You have to eat – the famous dishes of each region. / – Dad, eat. – Am I too noisy? / – Yes. Am I a little noisy? – She stopped him cutely. / – Am I noisy? – Eat that. / – Should I eat this? (Dad is hurt.) – Am I too noisy? / – Yes. She’s blunt. Jam Jam must like bananas. How cute. Jam Jam. Ice cream. What ice cream? (She returns the banana.) She’s telling him to hurry. It’s a Merlion ice cream. – Which flavor do you want? / – It sure looks unique. – Mango. / – Mom, have the strawberry. – Thank you. / – Strawberry for Mom. How did you know that was strawberry? This is durian and this is mango. Durian is… – Dad, you have the mango. / – a fruit. – She’s giving him mango? / – Will you try the durian? Does she know how to eat it? (Once you put a piece of durian in your mouth…) Is it good? (The strong smell attacks you after a little while.) – Durians have a unique strong smell. / – That’s right. – Cheers. / – Doesn’t it smell? It must smell already. Try it. It might be sweet since it’s a popsicle. Is it weird? (She tries it one more time.) It might just be sweet. The aroma is hitting her now. I guess she doesn’t like the durian taste. – It can taste strange. / – Have the mango. – Mango. / – Mango. – She was startled. / – Wash your mouth. Yes, just eat the mango popsicle. Back in my day, you couldn’t be picky with food. Why travel if you’re only going to eat instant noodles? – That’s you. / – I don’t understand it. You have to eat durians. – Sure. / – Enjoy it, Dad. – What is he going to do? / – Enjoy the durian. (It’s here.) The aroma came right away. – He can’t take back his words. / – This is strong. – This is… / – Is it good? – He can’t spit it out. / – It’s delicious. Jam Jam, it’s delicious. Try a bite. Don’t only eat instant noodles when traveling. Open up. (She ended up taking another bite.) – He’s feeding her again. / – How is it? She ate it. (She washes her mouth with the mango popsicle.) Are you washing your mouth with the mango popsicle? She’s washing her tongue with the mango ice cream. Are you gargling? He’s so persistent. – Eat yours. / – Yes, you should eat it. It’s not my taste either. – None of us like it. / – Now he says the truth. Durian is not easy to eat. – Is it good? / – The mango popsicle is good. Since we ate popsicles as our appetizer, we should eat our main meal now. Let’s go. – Go, go. / – Go, go. Wait for us. I looked through a lot of booklets. Apparently, this is a famous restaurant. – Really? / – Booklets instead of the internet? – Hello. Nice to meet you. / – Hello. – Excuse me. / – Yes? Menu, please. – The menu? / – Yes. – He’s right on the dot. / – Thank you. He doesn’t say anything redundant. Menu, menu, menu. – This one. / – Yes. One. – And this one. / – Black potatoes? – Just say, “This one”. / – Was this what we eat this back then? (Body language) (What are you doing?) Cereal prawn. – Did she understand? / – Yes, yes. That’s right. – He says it’s right. / – And one diet coke. – One diet coke for you? / – Yes. I’m dieting. (I’m trying to become like this.) (Is he a comedian?) That’s it. Thank you. – Thank you so much. / – Thank you. (I’m going to eat like this.) – She’s excited to eat. / – She must be hungry. Watermelon juice. – The watermelon juice is here. / – Thank you. – It’s watermelon juice. / – Diet… Diet coke. (Two thumbs up) – She gave it two thumbs-up. / – Very hot. Diet. – Is it good? / – Watermelon juice. I should have a cheat day. She likes it. (Chewing) Watching my calories is too sad, so let’s just enjoy. (The main dishes enter.) – This is crazy. / – What is that? It’s cereal prawns, made extra aromatic by the almonds. – Look at how plump it is. / – It’s plump. They’re so meaty. This is spicy and sweet chili crab. If you dip the crab meat in the sauce, the taste will be fantastic. They also got some side menus to enjoy together. Heejun ordered well. (It’s their first meal in Singapore.) (Wide-eyed) This looks amazing. Good job. What a good combination. It looks delicious. Is it okay for you to eat all of these? – I shouldn’t. / – Heejun mentioned he’s on a diet. but we’re abroad, so we should enjoy our meals. – I will work out harder. / – Good idea. You need to eat something anyway. I should try to eat just a little. (A diet with his diet coke) Enjoy your meal, Dad. – Yes. He got a diet coke. / – Let’s enjoy our meal. – I want to try this. / – Do you? Do you want this? – I have my own spoon. / – Let’s try it. – Okay. / – I’ll eat with my spoon. We should eat this. It’s a prawn. (Heejun chooses cereal shrimp.) Dad, don’t eat it. – Why not? / – Why not? – Should I not eat it? / – There’s sand on it. Do you think there’s sand on it? Get the sand off for him. – She thought the batter was sand. / – It seems so. Jam Jam, this is okay to eat. – How did she think of that? / – Isn’t it sand? It’s not sand. Remember when Seoeon and Seojun gave you a flower pot, but it was actually chocolate? (Thanks to Seoeon and Seojun…) Yes, that’s right. The twins played a prank on her. It was actually chocolate. (Try it yourself.) It’s chocolate, right? You surprised me. (They had chocolate that looked like dirt.) Just like that, this is something you can eat. – It’s good. / – Do you want to try it? – Right? / – I see. I didn’t know. You didn’t know. You’re eating well. – You’re eating well. / – Is it good? How is it? It must taste pretty good. – She likes it. / – Do you want some rice? – No! / – Do you want more prawns? – I should… / – She’s into it. – Dad will do it. / – It must be crispy and delicious. (She removes the camera.) She’s getting rid of the camera. (Shooting the show isn’t important right now.) I’ll peel them for you. (Come here, cereal prawns.) She has fallen for it. I guess it’s good. (Eating) Is it good? (This is good.) – Dad, it’s crispy. / – Is it? – It must be crispy and tasty. / – Is it crispy? – Chocolate. / – Chocolate? – There’s chocolate inside. / – Is there really? Jam Jam, you must think everything tasty is chocolate. It means it’s tasty. How is it? Is it good? She’s eating so well. – You’re right. / – I will put it here. I’ve been on my diet for too long – that my tongue is sensitive. / – What is she making? She mixed the cereal with the fried rice. This is Jam Jam’s restaurant. Should I try it? She’s pretty creative with her food. – I bet you it’s good. / – I’m sure. It took a lot of effort for her dad to find the place. If she eats this well, – it must make Heejun so happy. / – I’m sure. (She is eating well.) Mom’s smacking her lips. (Traces of her pigging out) – Is it good? / – Mom, try this. – Try the rice. / – Should I try it? I’ll give it to you. She’s giving some to her mom. She is such a good daughter. – Is it good? / – It’s so good. (Dad is the best!) How many thumbs-up did she give today? I ate this inside Mom’s tummy. – Did you eat this inside Mom? / – Really? Do you remember it? I looked out like this. – You did? / – How adorable. I see. That’s how you know. – Was it delicious? / – She’s so cute. What is this? (He’s dipping the bun in the chili sauce.) I know what that chili sauce tastes like. You’re supposed to dip it. The chili sauce tastes… – It’s so good. / – What do we do? It looks so good. – I thought he was on a diet. / – It’s so good. It’s spicy yet sweet. There’s a refreshing taste too. (He grabs a plump chili crab.) – It’s so good. / – It looks delicious. (He’s on a diet.) I’ve been on diet for so long, my tongue is sensitive. It’s so delicious. I’ll try it by itself. (He starts bingeing.) He decided to let go of his inhibition. – It tastes / – Is it good? a little like fried chicken. We haven’t tried that yet. (How will the black pepper crab taste like?) (It’s still alive!) – It’s alive. / – When you’re on a diet, and you eat something that strong-flavored… – You’d lose your mind a bit. / – This is like soy sauce chicken. You have to eat this when you come to this restaurant. Sambal kangkong. Put it on some fried rice. With Heejun there, it feels like “Live Info Show”. If it tastes good, it’s zero calories. It helps to eat this when your food is too greasy. – He might eat the table at this rate. / – I know. Honey, does it taste good? – “Honey”? / – Yes. It’s really good. (Meanwhile, the real “honey” is…) (Cereal shrimp) At first, I thought they ordered too much. (Chili crab) She’s also pretty skilled at eating. You know how to eat properly. I want some. – Open up. / – How do I take some? (Jam Jam is looking after her mom.) This is Singaporean kimchi. – Is it Singaporean kimchi? / – They need to eat it. – It might be too greasy. / – Singaporean kimchi is – tasty. / – Is it? Thank you. – How sweet. / – It’s so good. (They ate their meal like a storm.) – Honey. Whenever I went to work, / – Yes? you had to work hard looking after Jam Jam on your own. Since we’re abroad and all, I’ll give you some freedom. – Really? I love it. / – Really? – This is what every mom wants. / – Really? I love it. (I don’t know what happened, but I’ll clap!) Mom’s leaving. She’s clapping along since Mom sounds excited. Don’t call me, okay? In return, take “mymy” with you. They’re the best when you’re going around alone. Everything looks more beautiful when there’s music. Have fun with Dad. (Mom, go get some rest.)


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