Jacked In 3 Training Program

(slow rock music) – I’m Paul Carter and I have more than 30 years under
the bar slinging iron. As a guy that has spent a lot of years in competitive power lifting, I got tired of feeling achy, tired and beat up, mentally drained from consistently having to put more and
more weight on the bar. But I still wanted to have an efficient training method that combine all the modalities that I’ve worked with over the years into a single way of training that I could go into the gym three days a week and kick ass every day. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter your
training experience. Doesn’t matter what equipment that you have. You want to be able to have high quality workouts that push you towards your goals in the least amount of time. So you can go into the gym kick ass and get jacked in three. Available only to Bodybuilding.com All Access members.


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