Isagenix Scam {Secrets From A 7-Figure Earner}

If you are looking in the Isagenix Scam, you are in the right place my friend! After my post on Herbalife and how unhealthy their products are, I got a lot of questions about Isagenix. I am pretty clear on eating whole, unprocessed, organic foods for optimum nutrition, but it seems that people are still taken with idea of meal replacement shakes and bars. Let me clear up Isagenix. While not as bad as Herbalife, Isagenix Scam still uses some ingredients that I find questionable. If something was developed in a lab, not grown in nature, is unpronounceable or otherwise unfamiliar, do not eat it. Lasting health and weight loss does not come from a shake, a bar, or a “SlimCake.” Guess what nonfat dry milk is? A denatured protein. It boggles my mind that fat is still vilified, that the healthiest part of milk is removed to make it “healthier.” There are several ways to make nonfat dry milk, and they all start with skim milk. From Butter Believer’s article on skim milk. Before processing, skim milk has a very unappetizing blueish color, a chalky taste, and watery texture that doesn’t resemble natural milk at all. So, to whiten, thicken, and make it taste a little more normal, powdered milk solids are often mixed into the milk. What’s so bad about powdered milk? Well, in the manufacturing process, liquid milk is forced through tiny holes at very high pressure, which causes the cholesterol in the milk to oxidize, and toxic nitrates to form. Oxidized cholesterol contributes to the buildup of plaque in the arteries and in the Isagenix Scam, while unoxidized cholesterol from unprocessed foods is actually an antioxidant to help fight inflammation in the body. The proteins found in powdered milk are so denatured that they are unrecognizable by the body and contribute to inflammation. I am not a fan of fructose. Yes, it is found in fruit and that’s okay. I don’t eat or recommend eating an excess of fruit, and therefore fructose isn’t problematic. While glucose is used by every cell in the body, fructose is only metabolized by the liver. Too much fructose is toxic to the liver, and there is generally an abundance of fructose in most diets (especially the Standard American Diet). An excess of fructose raises triglycerides and increases fat production along with Isagenix Scam.

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