Isagenix Review – Why There’s No Residual Income?

Hello everybody this is Jason Fisher from I’m here to do a review on Isagenix, and I
feel very strongly about being able to do this review on Isagenix because I came from
a very similar business model back 12 years ago. We’re gonna talk about the company, we’re
going to talk about how some folks have found it hard to earn long term residual income
with Isagenix; the product line, compensation plan. Let me start off by first of all sharing my
story. I started back in this industry when I was
17 years old. I was in eleventh grade. I started with my first multi-level marketing
company. It was a weight loss company very similar
to the Isagenix company and product line. It was a weight loss product, it was a cleansing
line, and I built in a huge business. 5,000 distributors and customers in that business,
bought my first million dollar home. And by the age of 28 years old, I watched
it dwindle all the way down to 56 people that were active. What I realize is when we’re picking a company,
when we’re picking a business model, one of the most important things that we can do is
make sure that we pick a business model that will be long term. Long term in the sense of not only the company,
but long term in the sense of the customers that we acquire for that company. And when I look back at my experience, I found
a business that was not something that the masses would succeed in long term. And after my experience, I sat down and I
lost everything. I had 56 people that were active. And I said to myself, “If I’m going to throw
my time, energy, and reputation into something one more time, I better find something that
the masses will stay active in and will win in.” And I came to a very, very important universal
principle. And if it’s applied correctly, there’s massive
success in the home based business industry. And it’s applied incorrectly, there’s massive
failure. Now I made millions of dollars in my business. But at the end, there was just no residual
income. That universal principle is called the 80/20
rule. 80 percent of the money is earned by 20 percent
of the folks, or 80 percent of the people don’t do much why’s 20 percent of the people
do something. And a lot of people in this industry as myself
as an industry leader making millions of dollars, I really think it’s more like the 95/5. But let’s just stay with the industry principle
or the industry numbers of the 80/20. When I was at my business at the end and I
saw that most people were not active, I said to myself, “I better find a business that
has in mind the 80 percenters.” Who are the 80 percenters? The 80 percenters is my mother, my brother,
my sister, my next door neighbor, someone that doesn’t have a lot of sales experience,
or tenacity, or drives. Someone that’s not good at handling rejection
or overpriced products that do not compete in the marketplace. You could take ten doctors, or ten lawyers,
or ten chiropractors, or ten cab drivers. Two are gonna shine and eight aren’t gonna
do too much in any industry, and the same goes for the home base business industry. Most people don’t do much. That is where the problem lies and where also
the solution starts to unfold. What I needed to find in a business was something
where the 80 percenters would stay active in. You know when you look at the landscape of
the multi-level marketing industry and when you look at Isagenix as a whole; they’ve got
great products, they’ve got phenomenal products. The problem is is that people buying habits
start changing to the tune of a hundred to two to three hundred dollars a month in products
that people don’t have to buy, have to use, and have to reorder. And 90 to 120 days into that business along
with many other businesses that follow in the footsteps of Isagenix. The same thing happens. 90 to 120 days once someone shows their self
as the 80 percenter that has a hard time justifying those products in that price point, in the
marketplace against other leading products. What happens is is not only do they quit the
business, but here’s the most detrimental part is they stop being a customer. I knew that if I was gonna throw my time,
and energy, and reputation into something one more time, I needed something that the
80 would stay active in something that they would win in. And that’s when the clouds parted for me. I said, “If I could find a business that
not only the ‘80s could win at, not only in the ‘80s could succeed at, and make income
at, but have something where they didn’t have to justify products that people weren’t
buying the month prior before joining that opportunity, then I would have a huge home
run. And if I could show them how to make money
and not have to justify a new buying habit in people’s budgets, I knew I’d have a home
run. But here was the bigger piece. If I could find a business model that whether
people made money in it or not, they still stayed as a customer long term buying month
in and month out. Whether they had a financial gain, that’s
when I knew I was going to have a home run. Listen, this type of business; the home base
business arena, it’s all about numbers. Whoever has the most numbers ordering at the
end is going to have the most residual income. So we’ve got to look at is the majority of
the people ordering month in and month out because it makes sense to put their money
in that store every single month. I’m the same jockey right now on a completely
different horse. I had 5,000 folks in that other business that
dwindled down to 56. Now I’m in the leading business right now
that is the largest direct sales company in the United States, and the fastest growing
nationally and internationally. And I’ve got 5,000 active people that are
buying month in and month out because I found a business model that the ‘80s could win
at. I found a business model that the ‘80s did
not have to justify a new buying habit. I found a business model where the masses
stayed active month in and month out because it was things that they were already buying
and using. Here’s the solution that I have found and
many other industry leaders have found to be the ultimate business model. Here’s what it is. You want to have a few points. Number one is you want to have consumables,
but consumables for all. Have to buy products. Products that people are already using buying
and reordering. Things that you do not have to sell someone
on a new buying habit. It’s something that they’ve been doing their
whole life. But here’s the next key. They have to be consumables for all. They have to be everything that someone normally
would already be purchasing prior before joining the opportunity. But here’s the next piece. They have to be at grocery store pricing or
below. If there is not a savings to the end line
consumer, there will never be long term retention in any business model. If there is not a price point savings to the
consumer for being a customer. You have to have consumables for all, and
I mean for all. It has to be products that people already
using, and buying, and reordering on a monthly basis. The minute you start changing people’s buying
habits to the tune of one hundred twenty to three hundred a month, you’re going to lose
in the end with having a long term customer. Point number two is they’ve got to be consumables
for all, but they’ve got to be drastically less than the store prices. If they’re not drastically less, then you’re
not going to keep the customer. They’ve got to be better in quality, they’ve
got to be more natural, they’ve got to be more green, they’ve got to be organic which
are the big trends right now. People want to shop online and they want to
shop for better, safer, more natural products. Most people assume that green or organic type
of products need to be more expensive. If you can have those type of products at
a Wal-Mart or below price point, you could win every single time. And here’s the third point. You have to have a low monthly participation. Meaning that you can’t be asking people to
buy more than what they normally would consume on a monthly basis of those type of products
or service. If you’re asking people to buy more than what
they normally were buying the month prior before joining the opportunity, you’re never
going to have a long term customer base in the masses. I have found that number to be about five
or six items a month from a company or about 50 to 60 dollars and have-to-buy products
that they were already buying the prior above that were drastically less than the store
prices. If you can have that in place, you can build
a business that will last a lifetime instead of a lunch time. There is a reason why we are on that and so
many other industry leaders are at where we’ve got over a 96 percent reorder rate month in
and month out over and over again. Because it’s not changing people’s buying
habits, people are saving money, and the participation level to participate with the manufacturer
and the consumer is not asking anybody to do anything more than what they were doing
the month prior before joining the opportunity. It needs to be a simply switching of stores
concept. And if you have that, you can build a business
to last a life time. I want you to understand again the Isagenix
products are great, but the weight loss industry in itself is a very fickle industry. The mindset of a customer is not that they’re
gonna take that product long term. And I have sat down with a lot of folks that
are involved with Isagenix, and they have a constant flow of customers in and customers
out. You have to have a business model where the
customer stays long term, where they have a huge overwhelming value to stay a customer
first and foremost without the promise of the gain or the gain itself financially. So what I would suggest. If you are interested in finding out the business
model that I have chosen and many other hundreds and thousands of other industry leaders. As the only business model to date that has
created lifelong residual income, then click the link below, schedule an appointment. I’d love to chat with you. I’d love to share with you the business model
that we have chosen that is supplying lifelong residual income. And a business that will last a life time
instead of a lunch time. Our credibility is worth everything. Without that, we have nothing and you have
to pick the right horse. Again 5,000 down to 56, I was literally the
right jockey just on the wrong horse. This made all the difference; this information
that I’m sharing with you. So click the link below. I look forward to chatting with you, and thanks
for watching again.

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