Isagenix Maintenance Program – what to do once you are finished your cleanse.

Hi Cari- Lee Stevens here,
I’m an Isagenix coach and Isagenix Executive and I’m here to talk to you
about what to do for maintenance. So congratulations, you’re finished your
program and what is the next step, well as I’ve said before in my videos it’s
important to commit to 90 days, so a lot of the times,by the time my clients get
to day 30 they’re already on to maintenance and maintenance can look
like anything really and it’s a good idea to talk to your coach to find out
what would be maintenance for you but if you don’t have a coach to connect with,
then this is what I would suggest: Make sure that you go into your back office
and you look at some of the packages, the packages are always the best deal and
we’ve got quite a few different maintenance packages. And you should
start the day with a shake at minimum. The shake has all the good vitamins, minerals,
protein, carbohydrates, fats that your body needs to start the day off right. So
have a shake have your shakes with your Ageless Daily Essentials and they go
down easy because you got the shake to help them go down and then you’re gonna
have, maybe, a second shake after your workout, it depends on you if you’re
working out it’s a great time to have a second shape get all that good protein
into your body right after the workout, a little 20-minute window there, or if not
then have a bar and I like these bars I always have them with me I’ve got them
in my purse, in my car, my backpack and this is a good option so that if you’re
running around and your only option is starvation which is not good or a muffin
or something like that then you have a bar. And then you have a healthy dinner
and a healthy dinner like an organic turkey, chicken, wild salmon, legumes,
things like that, lots of leafy greens, steamed vegetables, maybe a little quinoa,
brown rice and you know what, if that’s not your gig, if it’s white pasta and a
bunch of meat sauce, well whatever, you know what if that’s what you want to do
that’s totally fine because you’ve had a shake at least, and you’ve had your vitamins.
So a little bit is better than nothing and I love these, I have these Isadelights. I have these before I go to bed, well not before I go to bed but you know
when I’m sitting around and I want a little sweet I
usually have two of these before the evenings out and they are a chocolates
that have lots of good brain help help to create healthy brain
chemicals. I also like these, so I’ll have a shake for breakfast, I’ll have this a
couple hours after my shake it’s a fiber snack and it has about the same amount
of fiber as three and a half cups of cabbage ,so that’s a really good thing
and then I’ll have a shake and then I’ll have my dinner and
you know I’ll have wine with dinner sometimes it’s not like you have to deprive
yourself it’s just a maintenance program to kind of keep you on the right track
so that when you go into your next cleanse you know maybe that’s in three
months from now or maybe you’re going do it every six months or whatever, you know
you decide what’s gonna be good for you when you talk to your coach your body’s
gonna be a little bit cleaner than it was the last time you went into the
program, that’s the whole idea this is prevention, we are making sure we’re
creating a healthy environment for our bodies to be in and we want to make sure
that we keep that up with daily maintenance, so if you have any questions
about maintenance get in touch with your coach and if you don’t have one, feel
free to get in touch with me. You can find me at or Thanks

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