ISAGENIX How to Increase Sales in Your Isagenix Business using ChatFlowBOT Automation

meet Sara a busy mum preneur juggling
her time between parenting earning a living and trying to live a healthy life
that’s why Sara got involved in Isagenix as she saw it as a way to combine some
of her tasks but Sara soon realized that she had bitten off more than she could
chew and had now added more work to her already bulging schedule. Sara wished she
could have a full-time team of sales assistants, marketing gurus and customer
service agents who already knew everything about Isagenix and were happy
to work 24/7. Sara’s dream was becoming a nightmare
and her direct sales business was really just a ‘no sales’ business… That is until
she met up with Melissa the following week, another Isagenix mompreneur who she
met online. Melissa seemed to have everything in common with Sara except
one big difference Melissa had more downline to look after, more sales to
manage and was less busy and frazzled than Sara. Over lunch Melissa shared her
secret to managing everything… After having subscribed to ChatFlowBOT
Melissa had been able to send all of her traffic to this automated Facebook BOT
so that it could do all the work she used to do herself. Sara was amazed to
discover that ChatFlowBOT could educate her customers and give them all
the info that they need, Remarket to them in a personalized and highly
effective way, respond to their questions 24/7
PLUS it was always updated, met the company’s compliance standards AND
managed for her so that she didn’t have to do it… The results: Sara’s dreams have
become a reality and she now has that full-time team of sales assistants,
marketers and customer service agents doing all the work for her and all for
less than $1.30 a Day! To join Sara and put the SALES back in your Direct
Sales Business hit the ‘GET STARTED’ button now and get your life back for less than
$1 30 a day

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