Isagenix cleansing symptoms.

Hi I’m Cari- Lee Stevens from I’m an isagenix coach and Executive and I’m here to talk to you
today about cleansing symptoms. Now a lot of times people are worried that are
going to have crazy cleansing symptoms like running to the bathroom and having
to take the week off of work but with the Isagenix cleanse that’s not usually
the problem. So, how you avoid cleansing symptoms is to make sure that you
prepare your body really well before you go into your cleanse and when I talk about
going into your cleanse I really mean your cleanse day, so it’s good to do a
personal analysis first from your coach to find out what your areas of weakness
are: Do you drink enough water already? Are you drinking 10 cups of coffee a day?
What’s your current health situation? If you were drinking 10 cups
of coffee and you don’t drink any water and you smoke cigarettes and you have
wine with dinner every night and you skip meals, it’s probably not a good idea
for you to go into a two-day deep cleanse right away. I would suggest that
you make sure that you get your body balanced, out ease off the coffee you
start nourishing your body with good nutrients, you start drinking enough
water and you just start with your shakes and that’s a good way to start. So,
anyway that’s not the topic, the topic is cleansing symptoms but that’s kind of
how to avoid cleansing symptom, so you may find that you get cleansing symptoms
and that’s a normal part of cleansing, so don’t be alarmed you may feel headachey,
you may feel lethargic you may feel achey in your body but you might also feel
really amazing. You might have loads of energy. You might have clarity
of mind, a lot of people notice that they feel very focused but then you might
break out you know there’s so many things and just know that it’s normal.
Sometimes people feel like they’ve got the flu and a lot of times that’s a
cleansing symptom, so don’t take any kind of medication for that. I think
it’s a good idea to always avoid medication just, you know that’s not an
option just say that’s not an option I’m going to let my body do
what it needs to do, it’s got to clean itself out and I
want to support it in the best way possible, I don’t want to mask it with a
bunch of medication I mean it’s really you know, it’s just medication and you
can you can make it through without it right, so you’re having cleansing
symptoms just know they will go away. If they become really, really crazy of
course you’re going to be in touch with your coach and you’re going to be
talking to your coach about how to minimize those cleansing symptoms but
really if you prepare yourself well for your cleansing program with lots of
shake and meal days and make sure you’re completely off coffee and you’re
drinking all the water you should be drinking before you go into your full
cleanse day it should be an easy day of cleansing. So best of luck and if you
have any questions and you don’t have a coach feel free to be in touch or cleanseenergy com Take care, Bye

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