iRobot Roomba 650 REVIEW: Vacuuming on Autopilot [FAQs & Demo!]

Hey, what’s up everybody! It’s your girl Amanda, the buzzed coach! Today, I want to talk about a product that I use on a daily basis and that product is the Roomba 650 vacuum So if there’s one thing that I can’t stand it’s vacuuming It’s one of those tasks that I really don’t look forward to doing and because I dread doing that, it actually Sets the tone for my entire day And I end up not being that productive. So when I heard about the iRoomba vacuum I was beyond ecstatic… Finally after all these years… I got the iRoomba and I have to say I’m kind of impressed So I’ve had this vacuum now for about four months at this point and I absolutely love it I would say it weighs it weighs like a good 10 ish pounds I’m just looking giving you an overview of what is on here, so you’ll see that There is a little button here that says “clean”. There’s a button here that says “dock” and-uh- “Dock”… down here, and there’s a button that says “spot”. “Spot” button if you click on it it tells a Roomba to go and clean in a circle So it’ll go in a circular pattern… Roomba has like a specific cleaning pattern that it goes through and it’s pre-programmed so to do that all you have to do is just click “clean” and let it go and Throughout the entire week the Roomba will go through these different cleaning patterns so that it makes sure to get many different areas of your house and in different angles. The “dock” feature is if you Want your roomba to go back to its little dock… Its little charging station. You click on this and then will find its way back And if we… and if we were to turn this around this is the underside of our Roomba which is cool It’s got…it’s got two little wheels which is awesome It’s got a little spin brush here So this spins as it goes and collects the dirt and the dust and there’s also rotater brush here as Well as a rubber brush. So the bristles are really great for carpets, and the rubber is really great for hardwoods. I’m going to click these two yellow buttons this work this will lift up the little cage and Remove the little spokes here, so I can clean them O God did I break it? Let’s go take it down here Okay, so I just wanted to show you…. you can take these two out and there’s actually a little sensor here That will actually detect to you when these things need to be removed and cleaned so Hopefully I can put this back the way I found it so that I….OK, there you go…so that took a little bit So it just it just kind of goes in there and locks in place beautiful! that’s it. and I’ll just snap these in Just like so… beautiful! and we got a little … *words hurt* …wheel that’s seems like it’s on a ball-bearing of sorts so this can help your Roomba Navigate and swirl in different motions. These are the little sensors here, and there’s also “motion detection” (I meant to say sensors) Portals here as well so that it can actually determine if there’s something in front of it um…sometimes it still bumps into stuff, but It’ll actually detect when it’s about to go over Like an area that doesn’t have a wall …like stairs this is actually able to sense the stairs and then turn around and not fall down Which is really really neat. That was something I was kind of a little afraid that it would happen But it seems that it doesn’t have a problem with it. To clean your roomba all you have to do is you press your thumb on this little button you press down and a little compartment slot will come out On the inside here, you’ll see the contents of what our Roomba has already picked up And if you press on the little green button here that will open up the latch So I’ll show you how that happens The latch opens up just like so and Then you can see the inside of my very dirty house in here… then, go into the trash here Is I just take latch, snap it back in and then I just slide this all in all it’s all done To put your Roomba on a certain set schedule, so that it goes off on certain days of the week of your choosing, You got to do two things. The first is you want to hit the “clock” button And once you do that and you hold it down, it’s going to show you the day of the week it is and what time it is and you can adjust that by pressing “day”, “hour”, or “minute ” to adjust this Once you have a “clock” setting done on this part then all you have to do is hit the “schedule” button, hold down and You’re gonna see the schedule that we have We have it from Monday through Friday to go off at 7:30 a.m. On the dot… so at 7:30 … it actually goes off with a minute or two earlier than 7:30 Which is always a little strange… but I can adjust it so that I can I can put the day So I’ll go to a Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and let’s say on Friday I want to change the time to a different time. I would just go to “hour” I’m go to “hour” and I can adjust that time And I can also adjust the minute So I can go ahead and do that and once I’m satisfied with the time Then I just release the button And I’m good! So that is how you set a schedule and the clock so that you have a Roomba that will automatically start cleaning for you on a set schedule So how long does the Roomba take to clean in a given day? When the Roomba goes off at its scheduled time, which our time is 7:30am sometimes it goes off at 7:28 Which is just odd, I usually hear it going on for about an hour Before it goes back into its little dock. So I say -give or take- it’s about 50 minutes to an hour To an hour and 10 minutes depending on how much dirt that it detects. What I really like about the Roomba as well Is that if it knows that there’s dirt, and there’s a lot of stuff in one area that is accumulated It’s going to make sure to hover around that area and get and get as much as that dirt as possible Can the Rumba go in multiple rooms? Absolutely. As long as you keep your doors open. I usually like to keep my doors wide open and propped so that when it’s when I leave the house it can just go do its thing and vacuum its way around the house. Roomba claims to have a room memorizing capability. So like it can tell where it is in a room and over time, the more it cleans in that room the more It’ll realize that there’s there’s a couch here, and there’s a table here, and there’s furniture here. I personally have seen it bump into a lot of stuff, so I don’t know if it’s any good at memorizing my rooms or if it just doesn’t know where it is at all times? One thing that I did want to mention… I have two floors in my house and this probably contributes to why it hasn’t fully memorized three days of the week I have Roomba go around on the first floor and vacuum and then two times in the week I will take it upstairs, so I’ll take the entire machine plop it down on the floor, and then let it go Press the clean button, and it’ll go do its thing and clean the house I wish there was a setting to do two different floor layouts probably for future reference they can do multiple rooms and they can do it quite well and because you’re programming this to do it almost every single Day, or every day if you wish to do that the Roomba will have a better time memorizing where everything is in your house So these are the items that came with the irobot roomba package. so I got the owner’s manual As you can see it’s quite extensive. It’s got quite a bit of info on there very informative very easy to follow This also came. It’s a Filter cleaner so you can go in to those Two little wheel axle filters and kind of go in and clean them with this tool. This is also an additional filter This one is a really cool feature that I haven’t actually used yet so this is basically a virtual wall Detector so basically if you don’t want your Roomba to go into a certain room Or you want to stay in a certain room and to continue cleaning you can set this up On an on wall near a doorway, and it will actually create a virtual wall That your Roomba cannot penetrate this this little thing Just is operated by two C alkaline batteries So all you have to do is just Open up this little clasp and all you have to do is once you have the batteries in you place it on the wall In your desired room, and then you would just switch this from “off” to “on” Just like so a green button should Turn on and that will create your virtual wall so if you feel that a Roomba is going to be an effective way to Minimize some of the dreadful chores that you have going on in your house So you can focus on bigger and better things you can actually purchase this on Amazon I actually do have an affiliate link in the description below So if you don’t mind you can go ahead and use my link at no extra cost to you in support of this channel just be sure to use that affiliate link in the description below And it’ll take you right to Amazon All in all, is the Roomba 650 vacuum worth it? I would say, I’d give it a 9 out of 10. I love how its cleaning on autopilot I even have to think about it. I don’t have to think about when the last time I vacuumed I don’t have to wait until I see little dust bunnies kind of floating around to remind myself to do it It is a chore that I don’t enjoy and if I can outsource it to something else It’s perfect so all in all, this product is amazing big thumbs up! I’m a huge fan of this. It is totally worth the investment and it’s a great way to not have to stress about cleaning It’s like having a real maid in the house except that it’s a robot, and it doesn’t require food or water. It’s amazing I love it Alright everybody if you found this video helpful Please be sure to give it a like and please subscribe to my channel for more helpful tools and tips and tricks on Helping make your life more productive and better filled with positivity Amanda, the buzzed coach…out!

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