Iowa State graduate helps build a fitness community for women

In a dark corner of the basement of
Beyer Hall there’s a gym strictly dedicated for members of the Iowa State
Weight Club. This is a gym for serious power lifters and strongman competitors
and one of its most dedicated members is Amy Kurr. “Powerlifting’s great it helps you
learn to stand up when you fall down. Kurr is one of the most experienced members
of the ISU Weight Club. The senior in materials engineering has been coming to
this gym since before she even started classes at Iowa State as a freshman and
while she loves it now her first visit here wasn’t great.
“Everything was intimidating. I was new freshmen didn’t know anyone so I was
like nope just kind of ran away.” A friend talked Kurr into trying the gym again but
as one of the only female members she often felt isolated. “I stuck with it I
loved lifting so as long as I could find like-minded people who are there to
support me encourage me had the same goals we’re gonna help me it seemed like
it go close Kurr was determined to give other women that kind of place without
feeling as intimidated as she was at first. “I talked to some of my friends
who were involved in fitness they’re like yeah it’s tough meeting women who
like fitness, working out, running, swimming, anything and I was like maybe
we should start up a club for that so we started up a club for women in fitness
we called it ladies in fitness training LIFT. We wanted to connect women who
loved Fitness who wanted to meet other women the other part was we wanted to
inspire these women to chase their athletic dreams.” Meanwhile, Kurr continued
to chase hers. She entered and won several powerlifting competitions
setting multiple collegiate records along the way but she was still looking
for new challenges and she found some while studying abroad. “While I was
overseas in Britain I got introduced to strongman competitions or the strongmen
atmosphere and then decided I loved it wanted to go try out some competitions.”
“Go [email protected]” Kurr has stayed busy in her time at Iowa State she’s a member of women in
science and engineering and the Society of Women Engineers last fall she was
selected to be part of the Cardinal Court but it’s her work helping to grow
a community for women and fit that she’s most passionate about. “Would
love to come back 10, 20 years from now and just know that something that
started as you know nothing too great whatever turned into something great.” Kurt hopes to continue training and competing in powerlifting and strongman
competitions after she graduates this spring and while she’s helped grow the
weightlifting community on campus, Kurr says she’s also grown a lot because of
that same community. “So I’ve gained a lot out of being part of the Weight Club,
some of it has just been extreme personal growth just realizing more
about you know who I am what I want dreams goals has been an incredible
journey.” For Iowa State News Service I’m Dave Olson.


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