Intermittent Fasting and Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone…That’s my favorite
hormone for sure!!! Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a hormone
that is made by the pituitary gland and it’s released into the bloodstream. The pituitary releases human growth hormone
in bursts, and the levels rise following exercise, trauma and sleep. Now, under normal conditions, more human growth
hormone is produced at night then during the day because of its indirect relationship that
it has with insulin. Human growth hormone levels also rise during
childhood, peak during puberty, and sadly decline from middle-age onward. So what is interesting is the relationship
between human growth hormone and insulin. When you eat food, your body responds with
insulin production. You know that. Insulin is a hormone that basically transports
sugar from your last meal into the cells of your body, and it allows your sales to take
in blood sugar for energy or storage, depending on what is needed at the time. Now, the more sensitive you are to insulin,
the more likely you will be using the food you consume more efficiently. It turns out that the more sensitive you are
to insulin, the more human growth hormone you will secrete. They have this indirect relationship…Meaning,
as insulin levels increase, human growth hormone secretion decreases, and vice versa. Human growth hormone is only released when
there is no insulin released in the bloodstream, and this only happens during a fasted state
and when you are sleeping. So according to the American College of Cardiology,
fasting triggered a 1300% increase in human growth hormone secretion in women, and a ridiculous
2000% increase in men! This statistic alone is a definitive reason
to drop what you’re doing and incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle immediately! Human growth hormone, which has also been
called your fitness hormone, plays a huge role in your health, your fitness, and your
longevity. It actively promotes muscle growth, and even
further boosts fat loss by increasing your metabolism. The advantages of human growth hormone go
much further than muscle building and fat loss. It also works in the body to increase and
repair essentially every tissue in the body, including bone. It increases the libido, protein synthesis,
our immune system, and our energy levels. So our best bet for living a happy and healthy
life is to increase our human growth hormone…As long as it comes with no artificial side effects,
meaning that it’s real. The fact of the matter is that intermittent
fasting will allow you to experience all the positive benefits and increase your overall
health at the same time.


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