Intense Ab Workout | 7 Minutes (FOLLOW ALONG!)

JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, If you want to get a six pack, you’ve got
to give me seven minutes. Not once. Repeatedly. Here’s the thing. Seven minutes makes it very, very doable. It makes it something you can stick to. I will tell you the biggest secret for me,
that allowed me to get abs from the time I had none up until now is consistency. If it wasn’t something I could do quickly
then I didn’t want to do it. I know you can do this. This is exactly what I did. Here’s how I’m going to prove it. I’m going to go through this workout with
out today. I want to prove to you that I’m not going
to ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. So, we’re all going to go through this. I’ve shown you this before. I did a seven-minute workout for you before. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll link it at
the end of the video as well. But if you choose the right exercises you
can get the job done quickly. It’s going to take its toll, but fast. We have our six-pack-shuffle here. That comes with a lot of our programs. All we have to do is hit the shuffle button
here, and what’s great is it kicks up the option for us to choose the different types
of equipment we want to use. For this workout I want to make it something
we can all do, no excuses. So, we need to use bodyweight only. Then we can choose the difficulty level. I’m going to choose a moderate level here. Not a beginner, but not really hard. A moderate level. Again, it’s consistency that matters most. So, we’re all going to be able to do this. Now we kick up the workout here. You can see what I’ve got here is a seven-minute
workout, like I said, that starts off with a lower ab movement here called the seated
ab circle. You can see I’m going to take it all one
direction here. For the entire 60 seconds we’re going to
work our lower abs. Then we’re going to move. We’ve got to hit the other side, too. So, for the next 60 seconds we’re going
to spend going the opposite direction. Then we’ve got to get a little bottom-up
rotation because that’s one of the main functions of the abs. The drunken mountain climber allows us to
do that. Not just driving our knees straight in but
allowing for rotation as we do them. We finally get this much needed 30 second
rest period. Then we come out of that and go onto our marching
plank. Again, I don’t like standard planks. I don’t like to just stay there. I like to do something our planks and this
is one thing we can do here as we march throughout the entire 60 seconds. We then move onto a scissor. With the scissor we’re getting some rotation
at the bottom of our torso here that will put some extra stress on the obliques. But if that wasn’t enough, I’ve always
got to throw in my starfish crunch because you guys hate that. I mean, you love that. It’s the starfish crunch. It’s a brutal exercise. We’re getting obliques, we’re getting
top-down, bottom-up, and we only have to do it for 30 seconds. You do get your 30 second rest period, but
you’re not done yet. You’ve got to come out of that and finish
with our Russian V-tuck twist, just for 30 seconds to wrap this all up in seven minutes. Now I’ll have a little emcee go here through
the workout, take us through it, but you’ve got me too, all right? We’re all going through this together. So, we’re going to start with that seated
ab circle. You ready? I’ll get ahead this way to start. So, lift the leg up and make big circles up,
and to the left. The key here – two things. Whenever you do your ab training you want
to try and put yourself into a little bit of a zone because it’s going to start to
burn and you don’t want to think about it. You don’t want to feel it every, single
second, or you’re going to want to quit. You’ve got to put yourself in that little
place – that little, quiet place – where your abs just keep cranking out reps and you’re
not thinking about how much it’s burning. I’ll tell you this, if it makes you feel
any better, mine already are. So, you’re not alone. Oh, shut up, Jesse. He’s going to torment me, I think. So, I keep going. All the way around. Up and to the left. 3 seconds. We get a little, 5 second reprieve. Now I’ve got to head the opposite way. Up, and to the right. Here’s the key: if you’re using your hip
flexors too much they’re going to burn so much that you may find you can’t complete
this. What you want to do is squeeze with the abs. Let the abs do the work. Can I tell them, Jesse, how you screwed up
when we did this workout a few minutes ago with the camera? And I’ve actually had to do this now twice. Can I tell them that? JESSE: No. It’ll make me look bad. JEFF: So, it’s doubly hard for me because
I’m not actually doing seven minutes. I’m doing 14 right here. Just to remind you. We’ll do it though, guys. We’ll do it. We’ll do it. Despite Jesse trying to sabotage me. Up and to the right. Again, use the abs, not the hip flexors. Okay. 60 seconds. Get the rotation. See, regular mountain climbers right here? We’re going to rotate. Drive it in with the abs. Don’t actually get drunk to do these, guys. That’s going to make it a whole hell of
a lot harder. Actually, it might come as a little bit of
a surprise and you’ll puke all over the place. 30 seconds. I heard her say it. I swear. I believe I’ll get my rest after this, too. I heard that. 10 seconds. We need it, guys. Good job. So far, good job. See? I told you. I do this every day. Every day. It doesn’t get easier, right? But the thing is, when it’s short you know
you can stick to it. Anybody can stick to and go through some discomfort
when you can see the other side of the finish line. All right. That rest is over. Too fast. Here we go. Marching planks. 60 seconds. Nice control. Tighten your glutes here. Most of all, tighten your abs. Remember that little happy place I said? This is exactly where you want to be right
now. JESSE: Full of carrot cake? JEFF: Oh, yeah. Dancing little carrot cakes in my head. Get into a rhythm. Before you know it, she’s going to say “10
second”. Like that. 60 second scissors. All right. Here’s one of my better exercises. I could do these for an hour. Well, maybe not. JESSE: Feeling the burn yet? JEFF: Nope. It’s like I’m lying on the beach right
now. Oh, that’s what it is? Oh, I thought that was a sunburn. That’s my abs that are killing me. About 15 seconds. Use those abs. Starfish crunch. 30 seconds. One, two. Arms out. Out and touch your toe. Toward your toe. JESSE: That’s everybody’s favorite, right? JEFF: That’s everybody’s favorite. Mine right now. Oh, yeah. Lost my mic. Just in time. 30 second rest. Oh, you need it after those. People are saying right now – they’re
saying, “If this is this hard for Jeff, how am I going to do it?” Guys, do as much as you can. Even if you have to bail halfway through the
30 seconds there. So, what? Go for 20 and then rest the extra 10 seconds
and then keep working up to it. Last one. I feel fresh as a daisy. Grab one knee in, touch the opposite side. Legs off the ground. Last 10 seconds. Guys, good job. Good job. All seriousness, like I said, six pack abs
are built just seven minutes at a time. Six minutes, five minutes, six minutes, eight
minutes; in that range. The idea is that you don’t have to devote
a half hour every day to train your abs. The key is short, intense workouts that get
the job done and stay consistent with it. If it’s something you can do with no equipment
at all, that’s going to make it that much easier for you to do. If you’re looking for step by step programs,
guys, I walk you through everything. I never let you do it on your own. As a coach I’m going to walk you through
everything you do. Those are all available at If you haven’t already, guys, subscribe. Get more of the torture. Make sure you turn on your notifications as
well, so you never miss a video. Let me know what you want me to cover, guys. This channel is for you. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll make sure
I do that for you. Just leave them in the comments below. All right, guys. See you soon. Jesse, you’re up next. Let’s go. JESSE: No, dude.


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