Insulin And Fat Loss – A Simple Explanation

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel.
So today what we’re gonna do is we are going to talk about fat loss. I’m sure
the question everyone wants to know the answer to is, what is the best way to
burn body fat? Or what do you need to do in order to burn fat? The thing is that
these days there are countless of different diets and training programs
that all claim to help us lose fat. However, because there is so much
information out there I think it’s very easy for someone to get confused as to
what works and what doesn’t. Well, I’m here to tell you that if your
goal is to lose body fat then all you need is something that you already have.
It’s your body. Your body is actually an expert at burning fat because that’s
what it does for a living, literally! Your body’s job is to keep you alive,
and it does that by burning fat! So to help you understand this better I’m
going to give you a short lesson in anatomy and physiology. I’ll do my best
to keep it fun and easy to understand so please stay with me because this is
information that I think you really need to know, especially if you want to lose
weight and burn fat. So let’s get to it. So our body
needs energy to function and we use food as energy. When we eat food our body
converts that food into glucose. Glucose is the primary food for cells. That
includes our brain cells, muscle cells, and heart cells.However, glucose cannot
get into the cells without a little bit of help. So when glucose is present in
the bloodstream, the pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin. Insulin opens the
door to our cells so that glucose can enter. Once inside, glucose then gets
stored as glycogen. When our cells get enough food, the excess glucose gets
stored in our fat cells as free fatty acids. Insulin then closes the door to
cells and slowly leaves the body. When our body needs energy and there’s
no food around, then our fat cells release the free fatty acids for the
body to use as energy. And that is how our body burns fat. However the body can
only access the free fatty acids when insulin is not around. And the thing
about insulin is that it comes into our bloodstream really fast but it takes a
while for it to go away. Kind of like how it’s easy and fast to catch cold but it
takes longer to get over the sickness. So if we’re constantly eating throughout
the day, and every time we eat insulin is present, then our body is always in fat-
storing mode and rarely in fat-burning mode. This is why intermittent fasting
is so popular for weight loss because it reduces your eating window which allows
more time for your body to burn fat. Now, let’s go over the key points. Number one:
our body has two storage forms of energy, glycogen and free fatty acids. Number two: insulin is a hormone that controls fat storage and prevents fat burning. To
simplify it even further, I like to think of it this way. Glycogen is the food that
we store on our kitchen counter, it’s readily available and easy to access.
Free fatty acids is the food that we store in our pantry when we run out a
counter space. Insulin is the food police. It tells us where to store our food and
it also prevents us from getting into the pantry to get more food. So let’s say
you ate all of the food on the kitchen counter for breakfast and then you get
hungry again but you can’t get into your pantry to get more food because the food
police hasn’t left yet. He’s still guarding. As I mentioned earlier, it takes
a while for insulin to leave our bloodstream. So to get rid of your hunger
you most likely are going to drive to the supermarket to grab more food. But
the problem is when you bring the food home from the supermarket, the food
police shows up again and then tells you to store some of your food on your
counter and then the rest inside your pantry. And remember, you can only access the food inside the pantry when the food police is not around. So if this process
keeps repeating itself, you would keep running to the grocery store to get
more food while your pantry keeps getting fuller and fuller. And that’s
pretty much how we gain weight. We tend to store more fat and we rarely burn any. So in conclusion, if we want to help our body burn fat,
we need to focus on controlling insulin. How do we do this?
Eat less often. Because as long as insulin is present, your body cannot burn
fat. So by shortening your eating window, you are giving your body more time or
the opportunity to burn fat. If you’re interested in learning more about
insulin then check out the link below. It’s for a book called The Obesity Code,
which was written by Dr. Jason Fung. And in his book he goes into a lot more
details on insulin and how to burn fat. If you liked this video, please give it a
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explanation of how to burn fat and if you have any questions feel free to
leave them in the comment section below. Until next time, do your body a favor and
stay away from the food police. Bye guys!

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