Inside GLORY – June 2018

with five events in four countries
featuring seven title fights across five divisions and with over sixty fights the
first half of 2018 has set a blistering pace we roll in the summer of glory and
a packed summer schedule we’ll also look back at the triumphs upsets and of
course incredible knockouts that have set the stage for our biggest year yet welcome to inside glory my name is Todd
Grisham if the first half of 2018 is a sign of things to come
then the forecast for summer is gonna be hot but before we get to what’s to come
on this edition of inside glory we’ll look back at what has been a year to
remember so far seven title fights took place in five different weight classes
as you’ll see in our first half division recap in December 2017 glory 48 New York
saw the crowning of a new women’s super bantamweight champion Anissa Meksen
of France who took a decision win over American Tiffany van Soest
at glory 53 Lille in May Meksen top contender Amel Dehby the two French
fighters produced a dazzling five rounds to the delight of the French crowd but
the champions superior movement and power proved decisive as she avoided
Dehby’s counter strikes to outland her opponent consistently in the
featherweight division Robin van Roosmalen defended twice in 2017 against Petchpanomrung at glory 41 Holland and Serhiy Adamchuk at glory 45
Amsterdam at glory 52 Los Angeles on March 31st he faced his toughest
challenge yet as he faced interim title holder Kevin VanNostrand, but VanNostrand’s dreams of becoming Glory’s first American men’s champion were dashed on
the rocks of Van Roosmalen’s relentless pressure and superior conditioning
despite some early success the later rounds became an exercise in survival
for the American as Van Roosmalen clicked it up a gear and dominated next
month see the Dutchman’s third defense as he faces Petchpanomrung once more
at glory 55 New York lightweight superstar Sitthichai of Thailand has
successfully defended his belt three times with wins over Marat Grigorian,
Dylan Salvador and Christian Bad News Baya at glory 50 Chicago at glory 53 he
faced gifted youngster to Tyjani Beztati Tyjani Beztati seemed unfazed by the
champion and started strongly avoiding the ties damaging southpaw kick to score
the first two rounds in his favor but as the fight progressed Sitthichai began to
figure out the Moroccan and began to clearly outland him after five rounds he
done enough to score the win retain the title and now goes on to face
Marat Grigorian in China this August at glory 50 Chicago Belgian Beast Marat Grigorian took the belt from Murthel Groenhart and what many saw as sweet revenge
from an earlier controversial knockout in his first defense he faced number one
contender Alim Nabiev at glory 54 Birmingham Nabiev came into the fight
at 3 and O including wins against 2 ex champions and the tricky Azerbaijan
challenger proved willing to trade shots and stay in range of the Armenian power
puncher but it was Grigorian’s forward pressure and power that proved decisive
taking the Armenian to a unanimous decision and a rare successful defense
in the most competitive of divisions in the middleweight division Brazilian
beast Alex Pereira took the title from Simon Marcus and a stunning upset at
Glory’s first event in China glory 46 Guangzhou and then defended with a TKO
win in a rematch with Yousri Belgaroui at glory 49 Rotterdam but with the
dominant performance at glory 53 in May the Tunisian earned the right to
challenge again setting up the decider in a trilogy at glory 55 New York next
month the light heavyweight title remained in the hands of Russian Rocket
Artem Vakhitov throughout 2017 as he opened the year
with a TKO win over Brazilian Berserker Saulo Cavalari
at glory 38 Chicago and closed it with a decision win over contender tournament
champion Ariel Machado but with Pavel Zhuravlev looking to
bring the pain from Ukraine 2018 looks to be an exciting year and a light
heavyweight division and at the top of it all another year another set of
successful defenses for the king of kickboxing heavyweight champion Rico
Verhoeven in December Verhoeven took on a dangerous grudge match with
man-mountain Jamal Ben Saddik at Glory 49 redemption Saddik looked dangerous and
the fight was anything but a foregone conclusion until Verhoeven delivered a
masterclass and dismantled the Challenger with a TKO win and at glory 54 Birmingham in June it
was the turn of Mladen Brestovac to challenge what many were now describing
as the best stand-up fighter on the planet the two had met before way back
at glory 28 Paris and this rematch looked like a five round replay
with the dominant Verhoeven staying inside and avoiding damage from the
much-hyped left head kick of the Croatian to score another convincing
decision win Brestovac earned the respect of the Dutchman but on this form
unstoppable sounds like an understatement we’re just getting started on inside
glory still to come the best knockouts of 2018 our contender tournament recap
and a look back in pictures but when we return I’ll be joined by my broadcast
partner Joe Valtelleni and get his take on 2018 it’s a big night in the Big
Apple on Friday July 20th at Glory 55 New York two world titles featuring the
very best stand-up strikers on the planet undefeated federal champion Robin van Roosmalen takes on number two ranked Petchpanomrung looking to
avenge his only loss in glory and end the Dutch Pitbull’s rank and middleweight
mayhem Alex Pereira defends against number one ranked Yousri Belgaroui in a title we match glory 55 New York the Hulu Theatre at MSG Friday July
20th don’t miss it it’s heating up join us the world’s
premier stand-up league is glory goes global for the summer of glory 2018 the summer of Glory beginning this July welcome back to inside glory as we take a look at the best of 2018 so far and
joining me to do so the former welterweight champion of the world and
my broadcast colleague Joseph Valtelleni let’s talk about the first event of the
year us milestone night for sure glory 50 our 50th event 100th show looking
back to that night in Chicago what’s the one fight that jumps out Harut Grigorian
versus Murthel Groenhart we first saw them in that controversial finish some
call it you know a cheap shot some say defend yourself at all times
but that storyline ended there we had Harut Grigorian really come out and have a
dominant first round finish over Murthel Groenhart and the was the fourth time
the welterweight belt has changed in 14 months so a lot of big changes he mowed
right through him right from the bell and that’s what we’ve come to expect
from a Harut Grigorian blink and you could be on the canvas then two weeks
later we headed over to Holland for bad blood Hesdy Gerges versus Badr Hari
yeah we saw a different Badr Hari we’ve saw him return against Rico and against Rico you
saw those pictures you saw his power training he was huge he was strong and I
think that was his idea he had to come in with a lot of power and try to finish
Rico but against Gerges we saw a different physique he was leaner he
relied more on his cardio and I think a big thing for him is can he go those
three full rounds against a current heavyweight then for glory 52 we left
Europe came back to the United States Los Angeles and it was a featherweight
showdown we’d all been waiting to see Robin van Roosmalen who looked unbeatable
at featherweight squaring off against American Kevin Van Nostrand who’d only
lost once in his life and was looking to become Glory’s first ever American male
world champion that fight was a contrast of styles you saw that Van Roosmalen
pressure the fight where Van Nostrand tries to use his trickiness but as the
flight went on that pressure fighting was too much for Van Nostrand so from Los
Angeles then to Lille as we made our return to that city for the first time
in three years and the stage was set for the biggest
women’s kickboxing match of all time the queen of kickboxing Anissa Meksen unbeaten for what five years taking on a Amel Dehby out of playoff well it was
just a Amel Dehby trying to pressure but Anissa Meksen is just to smooth
with her movement the way she moves the way she enters
exit with her strike she just doesn’t give any of her opponents a chance
speaking of smart and technical Sitthichai defending his title twice in this year
the second time a much more competitive fight against Tyjani Beztati even
though he lost that fight and Sitthichai is continuing his reign as one of the
most dominant kick boxers to Tyjani looks good and he ended up staying in
there taking hard kicks showing good strategy circling away from the power
kick you know staying long as possible he looked well I think he got a lot of
confidence getting out of that fight so then from Lille to the United Kingdom as
glory made its return to England for the first time in five years
two title fights on the night a Harut Grigorian had taken on Alim Nabiev,
Harut Grigorian defended his title successfully for the first time he
really showed that his win over Murthel Groenhart was no fluke and he looks like
he just keeps getting better and he’s gonna be really that force to be
reckoned with as far as the heavyweight division no moving parts at all we’ve
got one guy he defended his title for the seventh straight time Rico Vehoeven
beating Mladen Brestovac yeah Rico Verhoeven is just too much of a
dominant force right now he had the same game plan he used in the first fight
against Brestovac came forward to used his pressure and got a good victory
what a night it was in Birmingham and what a year it’s been so far in glory
especially when it comes to our one night contender tournament unique to
glory the contender tournament is the toughest route to the top and fight
sports win twice and one night and take one step closer to a title shot at glory
50 Chicago in February three of the top ranked heavyweights join newcomer Junior Tafa to compete for a chance to fight current champion Rico Verhoeven later
this year Guto Inocente sealed a place in the
final with a unanimous decision but was unable to take part due to a severe cut
over his left eye leaving Tafa to go in his place and the other half of the draw Benjamin Aden Adegbuyi dropped D’Angelo Marshall in the
first minute of round one to take him to the final Adegbuyi was too much for
Tafa and with this victory became Glory’s first three time tournament
winner at glory 51 Rotterdam it was the return of the welterweights with Thongchai
dispatching Scheinson to take to the final, Eyevan Danenberg, Jimmy Vienot
tight match saw Danenberg take home the Ramon d’etre trophy putting him on the
path to a title shot glory 53 featured an explosive featherweight tournament in
the first semifinal Victor Leo Pinto defeated Buray Bozaryilmaz by a
majority decision the second semi-final saw former champion Serhiy Adamchuk
put on a dominant performance against Azize Hlali, Adamchuk continued his
form by beating Pinto and inching one step closer to a world title shot Serhiy Adamchuk as expected the favorites all won and
took one step closer to a world title shot up next the best knockouts of 2018
so far and there were many to choose from it’s a big night in the Big Apple on
Friday July 20th at Glory 55 New York two world titles featuring the very best
stand-up strikers on the planet undefeated featherweight champion Robin van Roosmalen takes on number two ranked Petchpanomrung looking to
avenge his only loss in glory and end the Dutch pitbull’s rank and middleweight
mayhem Alex Pereira defends against number one ranked Yousri Belgaroui in a title rematch glory 55 New York the Hulu Theatre at MSG Friday July 20th
don’t miss it welcome back to inside glory i’m Todd
Grisham 2018 has had its share of knock downs knockouts and TKOs from Harut Grigorian’s first round KO to win a world title to the devastating head kick
power of Petchpanomrung here’s the best of the best so far fighters have two-
And he just put D’Angelo Marshall on his knees and it’s over
Marshal doesn’t know where he is Benjamin Adegbuyi decisive dissipates the knee he’s got an angle of
pivot out don’t stay center oh and that right hit connected
and Groenhart is down that is a knockdown
the champ is down here in round one
that’s the power we all knew Harut had he just needs to land it Harut Grigorian is the new welterweight champion of the world He has done it
what beautiful power from Harut Grigorian Tyjani is really quick
now that speed on the end speaking of which what a head shot from Tyjani Beztati with a massive knockout here in Rotterdam oh he’s down
he is out what an impressive knockout and that left kick oh a straight right hand splits guard and Zack Wells is shoved in the corner and the referee steps in and he stopped it Calling him Pet or Petch because that is his nickname, that his camp calls him whoa and another high kick and that sends Ezbiri down and maybe out he even jumped to throw that high kick he’s in the
prime of his career ladies and gentlemen Hameur-Lain lands another right hand and down goes Dutt for a second time Yep Dutt in the shell
yeah dutts corner, Melvin Manhoef is yelling and that’s it the good boy had done it again can’t take too many of those there’s another
oh and the hands came down the foot came up right to the jaw the number one middleweight of the world looks like he’s ready for another title
shot they make it stand all night
Oh and a right hand from Doumbe
Right on the bone
Thongchai is down Cedric Doumbe promised us a knockout and it only took seconds to deliver it and with both Artem Vakhitov and Alex Pereira looking to defend later this year more fireworks are expected we’ll
step aside one more time and when we come back I’ll be joined by my broadcast
partner Bazooka Joe as we look ahead to the summer of glory it’s heating up join
us the world’s premier stand up League is
glory goes global for the summer of glory 2018 the summer of glory
beginning this July welcome back to inside glory, Todd Grisham alongside my
broadcast colleague and the former welterweight champion of the world in
glory Joseph Valtellni better known as
Bazooka Joe all right bazooka you’re our X’s and O’s guys no one breaks down
kickboxing better than you we got two world title fights coming up at glory 55
at Madison Square Garden let’s start with the middleweight championship
Alex Pereira taking on Yousri Belgaroui yeah and this fight is a rematch
and they had a title fight before and it was started off with Yousri Belgaroui
pressure it was really long he was really attacking Pereira but Pereira
stayed calm and we saw a different style form and he stayed relaxed and he was
really using his knees and to land a knee against tall Yousri Belgaroui is a
tough challenge but mixed with his boxing was able to give Belgaroui a huge cut
doctors have to stop the fight but Belgaroui since that fight had a good
win gave him a lot of confidence with a knockout so he’s really motivated to get
that middleweight title and this will be their third matchup right now it’s one
win apiece so this is the trilogy and you can see it live at the Hulu theater
at MSG also on that card the featherweight world championship Robin van Roosmalen defending against Petchpanomrung Van Roosmalen won the
first fight but this is a whole different beast Petchpanomrung has become
you see him in his first few fights that left kick was going in the arm arm arm
but in his last few fights he’s doing a good job at changing levels and that’s
how we getting those spectacular knockouts and earlier in his glory
career Petchpanomrung was almost fighting backwards just counter punching now he’s
become more aggressive he’s a pressure fighter and he looks like a new animal
yeah he wants to finish now and he’s just done an amazing job his last fight
he came in with a flying roundhouse and he’s just putting spectacular and off
now it’s out but Robin van Roosmalen’s pressure is second to none then
Van Roosmalen plan is gonna keep walking forward he’s gonna counter try to get
Petchpanomrung against the ropes and unload those power shots, man this is a
fight that I think all the glory fans are excited to see me again
and then from New York City we had to Denver, Colorado then we go off to China
for the second time in company history then back to the United States for
Chicago and then late September we’re back in Amsterdam some of the big names we
can expect to see obviously Rico Verhoeven
yeah like I mean if he looked good in his fight with the Brestovac so I’m
sure that momentum is gonna carry on to this fight Artem Vakhitov hasn’t
fought in 2018 he’s our light heavyweight champion and
perhaps the best fighter in the world yeah he’s one of my favorites to watch
because he’s so technical and even since his hand injury which is causing him a
lot of problems why we haven’t seen him in a little bit but he’s been working a
southpaw and even in his last fight he can do anything man he’s just so
talented and one of the best fighters in Canada and in the world Simon Marcus
thinks he’s ready for a title shot yeah Simon Marcus is consistently getting
better with that strong Muay Thai background he’s improved his boxing and
man he had a vicious knockout in his last fight so many other big names I
can’t wait to see back in a glory ring the Wilnis brothers, of course Dustin
Jacoby the injured American middleweight is due to return Tiffany van Soest was to
get back in the win column after losing her world title so so much to get
excited about as 2018 winds on for glory kickboxing now before we say goodbye and
bid you adieu let’s look back at the best of pictures from Glory edition that’ll do it for this edition of inside
glory in the first half of 2018 but things are only heating up and the
summer of glory starts next month with five events in ten weeks on three
different continents until then be sure to keep up with all things glory on our
website and follow us on
Facebook Twitter Instagram as well as catch up on glory features and fights on
our glory youtube channel I’m Todd Grisham and I’ll see you next time on
inside glory It’s a big night in the Big Apple on Friday July 20th at Glory 55 New
York two world titles featuring the very best stand-up strikers on the planet
undefeated federally champion Robin van Roosmalen takes on number two
ranked Petchpanomrung looking to avenge his only loss in glory
and end the dutch pitbull’s rank and middleweight mayhem Alex Pereira
defends against number one ranked Yousri Belgaroui in a title rematch
glory 55 New York the hulu theater at NSG Friday July 20th
don’t miss it


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