Insanity Vs P90X – Pros and Cons of Each

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No doubt you are watching this video because you have been doing an Insanity Vs P90X comparison.
I have been doing exactly the same and I have made this short video just to share with you
what I have discovered. Now I started off thinking that these programs
would be pretty similar and I have been surprised to find that that is not actually the case.
They are similar in price they are both around about the one hundred and twenty dollar mark
and they are both workout programs that you can do at home, but there is quite a fundamental
difference between the two both in respect of the workouts themselves and the results
that you would expect to get from them. So let me share with you exactly what I have
discovered and just to give you some background what I have done I have checked out the two
programs themselves and I have also done quite extensive research online in the various fitness
forums, the online shopping sites etcetera to see what people who have actually used
these programs and tried them out and gone through them to see what sort of reports they
are giving and the sort of feedback and pros and cons etcetera.
So what I will do now is go through each one, each program at a time and share with you
the pros and cons of each that I have discovered. Okay, so I am going to start this Insanity
Vs P90X with an Insanity workout review. Now this is a set of ten dvds and the workout
is a requirement of about forty five minutes on average per day, six days per week.
One of the main advantages I am seeing reported with Insanity is that you need no equipment.
Apparently they do recommend a yoga mat but most people have reported that this is not
really necessary. The other thing is that it does come with
a diet program but again I have discovered that a lot of people say that they have managed
to get the results they have wanted just by following the program itself and not bothering
about following the diet program. When it comes to the results reported both
of these programs Insanity Vs P90X are getting some great feedback and it seems that if you
follow the program you do get results. But the results are different.
With regards to the Insanity workout this is a better program if you are looking to
build up cardio strength, so basically if you are looking to burn fat and to lose weight
and shape up that way then Insanity is a better program rather than the P90X as that latter
one really concentrates on building muscle mass.
Of all the negative comments that I discovered regarding the Insanity X sorry the Insanity
was that it does not offer too much variety in workouts so that if you are someone who
might get a little bit bored doing the same thing then Insanity might not be for you and
also as I mentioned to you it does fall short in the area of muscle building whereas conversely
it is an ideal program if you are focusing more on the losing weight and shaping up.
So now moving over to the P90X and as I have already mentioned to you this is more inline
for people looking to put on muscle mass and without doing the same old exercise program
all the time. There is quite a variety reported and the
concept is that it actually shocks the muscles because of the variety of exercises that you
are doing. This is a set of twelve dvds and one fundamental
P90X Vs Insanity difference is that the P90X is a ninety day program whereas Insanity is
a sixty day program. In addition I mentioned to you that the Insanity
the average workout is about forty five minutes a day, six days a week, but with the P90X
it comes out an average of about seventy five minutes a day also six days a week.
So as you can see if time is a consideration for you then there is quite a difference between
the two programs you are talking in terms of sixty days for Insanity as opposed to ninety
days for P90X and you are also talking in terms of a half an hour a day, which bearing
in mind you are doing it for six days a week that is three hours a week more with the P90X
than with the Insanity workout. People who have gone through the P90X program
are reporting that it works it is like anything you have to stick with it and persevere, I
must say that in both programs people did say that they had the occasional day they
missed out on and so I do not think you have to be one hundred percent committed but not
far away from it if you do want to get the results, there is some flexibility there.
Now regarding the negative comments I had reported about the P90X as already mentioned
and it is important to keep reemphasising that this is only really effective for building
muscle mass and it is not nearly as effective if you are looking for just losing weight
and shaping up. The other disadvantage that people have said
is you may see this as a disadvantage and you may not, is that you do need additional
equipment to go through the P90X program. You need resistance bands, a mat, you need
weights and you need a pull up bar at the minimum so this is both additional cost and
also you need to look into if you are doing this at home whether you have the space and
the facilities to allow for these. So to give an Insanity vs P90X for weight
loss conclusion in my particular case I prefer to opt for the Insanity purely because I am
more interested in losing weight and shaping up than muscle building and also I like the
fact that you don�t need to have any additonal equipment at home and also that it is a forty
five minute program six days a week for sixty days as opposed to the P90X which is seventy
five minute a day six days a week for ninety days.
Now as I mentioned to you the cost for each program is the same it is about one hundred
and twenty dollars and what I found for each one I found websites where you can actually
spread the cost of the program over three installments so all you need to do depending
on what your choice is just click on the relevant red button here and then you can go directly
to the relevant website and as I mentioned to you the benefit of these particular sites
is it is the same price but as opposed to having to pay the one twenty up front you
can split it over three payments. Okay so I hope this has been of benefit for
you I hope you have been able to see the Insanity Vs P90X comparison, the differences between
the two and I wish you all the best with your fitness program.


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