Insanity Max 30 Review Day 21

Good morning friends and workout buddies!
Today is insanity Max 30 review day 21, and Shaun T and Beachbody are throwing a curve
in this workout now. On Mondays it used to be called cardio challenge
not anymore today it’s called maxed out power. I have no idea what I’m in for I have not
looked at it in advance so here we go. Maxed out 00:08:30! Alright! Wow! There were only two familiar
moves that I can recall and it is about five and half minutes straight exercise and I can’t
tell if it is 20 of 30 seconds break because I’m too tired to keep track of the counter.
Excellent excellent excellent exercise program. Give me a thumbs up, leave some comments below,
share this video, subscribe, order your insanity Max 30 today! And I’ll see you all tomorrow!


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