Insane Home Leg Workout – The NCAA “Sweat 16” Leg Workout

It is madness here at ATHLEAN-X. We are going to zero in on our legs region
here today to give you one of the most intense lower body circuits yet. What’s up everybody? Jeff Cavaliere It is March by this time. We have gone into the Sweet 16 here into the
Final 8. Now we are going to be getting to our Final
4 very very soon-NCAA basketball, if you are not a fan and you haven’t been following along. Now the way it all breaks down is we all know
this whole tournament starts in March with 64 teams vying for the championship. Here at ATHLEAN-X you know we do things different. We still want to get you interested and excited
about your workouts. So we put together the March Madness Workout. Today I want to show you-we are going to zero
in on the legs region. We are also have our upper body push, our
upper body pull, and our abs. I will tell you about that in a second. What we want to do is start off with our legs
region outside again in our Sweet Sixteen. We have Dead Lifts for 12 at 75 % of your
body weight. I am going to do that with about 135 lbs. Again, I am around 170 so we are going to
use 135 on the Dead Lift. Box Jumps for 20, OK. They are going to be paired off, and I am
going to tell you how this is going to work. Physio balls for your hamstrings, and then
the squat jumps times 20. The curls are 15 reps on that. Now as you see this first round, what we are
going to do is one giant circuit: Dead Lifts for 12, into the Box Jumps, right into Physioball
Curls into our Split Squat Jumps-You have got 2 minutes and 20 seconds to complete that. Now where did we get that? Did we just randomly pull it out of the air? No of course not. We have a 35 second shop clock in the NCAA. 35 seconds times 4, 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Now as you can see, the survivors of that
round into the elite 8. The Box Jump times 20, Split Squat times 20. You have to do that combination now within
a minute and 10 seconds. Finally Box Jumps survive, you have 35 second
shop clock and you have to knock off 20 Box Jumps. So let’s get right to it. I will tell you again about the part of this
workout in a little bit. I can talk when I am done with this, but we
are going to start out with our Dead Lifts. In my pocket, I am going to get it out. We are going to start it and keep it running,
try to get it in 220. So here we go. Start. One Two Up high. [Exercises] Really throwing your hips forward. [Exercises] Keep your head and shoulders up. Now we are going to head over for the Box
Jumps. Try to get 20. [Exercises] [Exercises] [Keeps exercising] Now into Physio Ball Curls in one minute 4. Keep your butt up. 15 of them. [Exercises] [Keeps exercising] OK. Now. One minute 33, you have got 20 Split Squat
Jumps. If you can’t repeat this, keep repeating it
until you pass. One. [Counts off] [Keeps exercising] Two minutes and 6 seconds. Now you rest the balance of a minute. So I get to rest to the 3 minute mark. Now I don’t know. I probably won’t continue on. I will try one more round and see how I do. One minute 10–20 Split Squat Jumps and 20
Box Jumps. Now I mentioned before, if you like this workout
and you want to see the whole bracket-how it plays out, because ultimately you want
to complete this whole thing in one single workout. You have got to head to, grab
the program for a limited time for the March Madness Bonus Workout is included with Athlean-X. It won’t be available long until the champion
is crowned in the NCAA. So here we are at the 3 minute mark. One minute 10. [Exercises] [Keeps exercising] [Keeps exercising] 33. Here we go. [Starts counting: 1,2,3…] [Keeps exercising] One minute- I think you get the idea. You get to rest until the 2 minute mark. Come back and try to nail those 20 Box Jumps
in 30 seconds. Guys as you can see, I am totally wasted-tough
workout. Tough challenge-but this is what we talk about. If you want to look like an athlete, you have
to train like one. Now you can with the ATHLEAN-X workout that
you can get at Now with the March Madness Bonus get the whole
other side of the market: upper body pull, abs, upper body push integrated into one insane,
mind-numbing, draining workout. Guys I will be back here again next week. For more workouts keep it coming, as I said,
very big news coming from ATHLEAN-X. In fact the first bit of that is going to
come out next week. Stay tuned.


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