Incredible Weight Loss Stretch Mark Cover Up I A Tattoo to Change Your Life

I was 22st at 24. Food was a big addiction for me. How did I do this?
How did I end up with these? I can’t change what happened, I can’t change decisions
that I’ve made. I just need to keep moving forward. I’d say around 70-80% of my clients
have stretch marks. I don’t think other people realise
how many people are walking past them on the street who are probably
struggling with the same problem. I would like to get a tattoo on my
calf over my stretch marks. Yeah. I’ve got them
in quite a lot of places, but mainly because I’ve lost so much
weight from when I was nearly 22st. Congratulations! Thank you. My name’s Jen and I’m 26. People don’t often understand
why people put on weight or why people are overweight. I was first diagnosed with
depression when I was 18. I was eating quite a lot
of takeaway, a lot of junk food. There was barely any fruit or
vegetables or protein in my diet that didn’t just
come from either ready meals or things I could cook easily. There’d be mornings that I’d wake up and I’d not remember how
much I’d eaten. This is my wedding dress from two
years ago when I was a size 28. I think food was a
big addiction for me. I didn’t like myself. I didn’t like my body, the way
I looked, my life. I got bigger. I started using food as a way to
control my emotions. It got to a point,
after quite a few years, where I realised it was putting
my body under quite a lot of stress. It’s still very difficult to not
lose that lingering feeling that I damaged my body, and I’ve now left myself with scars
that are almost all over. They are scars that remind me of a
time of battling my mental health. If you just have a little
lay down on your front for me. What we’ll do is we’ll just size it
up on your calf. Yep. Cool. We’ll bring it up,
not into the crease of your knee, but the most dense part is that part
that’s going to cover up… I think a lot of people in
society have a negative view on people who are overweight. Often, people associate being
overweight with being lazy or not doing enough when, actually, people are overweight for a number
of different reasons. The couple that I can see
you are going to definitely… I would like to get something that’s
simple but beautiful, to want to look at it.
It helps reinforce the positive. Right, Jen. Are you ready?
Yes, I am. How’s that? Yep. Yeah? There is
pain. It is what it is? Yep. Do you take any sort of positivity
from looking at your stretch marks? In a sort of backward kind of way,
thinking, like, that you can almost see how far you’ve come? I have to go through a bit of a
thought process to get there. Yeah. So I have to remind myself and,
sometimes, some days, it’s a little bit harder to remind myself
when I see them, and that’s one of the reasons
I wanted a tattoo – because it’s something
bigger which is always there, I can look at that and go,
I instantly know what that’s for. I now view my stretch marks
as my self-harm scars. They may have taken a couple
of years to appear on my body but, for me,
every time I look at them, I remind myself of what
I used to do with food. Cool. Right, we’re all done.
Are you excited? Very. Whenever you’re ready. Oh, my God! Do you like it?
It is stunning! Thank you. That’s beautiful. Thank you so,
so much. You’re welcome. Do you love it? I do. Do you
want to give me a hug? Well done. You did
really well. Thank you. It’s just so different,
to think that I’m not that any more and so happy. This tattoo in this moment
means that I can put everything to rest
behind me and stop hating the person that I was and start appreciating
the person I am now. For me, self-harm is more than
just on the outside. It’s what you can do on the inside. Going forward from here,
it’s about…for me, it’s about thinking about things
in a different way, thinking about things in a positive
way, to continue living happy and to continue living my life
how I want to live it.


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