InBody Spotlight – Cory Brightwell of Chuze Fitness

When you think about the culture that we have, which is welcoming non-intimidating, we felt like the scale was an intimidating factor for somebody who might be new to fitness or somebody who’s really struggling to reach their goals. Well, since we opened our first location, we have never had scales in our facilities. No weight scales, no scales that you get on and it tells you how many pounds you weight. And it’s something that we’ve gotten a lot of pushback from, you know how am I going to track my progress? how am I going to see if I’m making you know any progress toward my goals and my results that I want? We didn’t want members to be so focused on this one metric that really wasn’t and isn’t the only thing that’s indicative of health. So the InBody for us was, it was a simple easy-to-use tool that members all they have to do come up in your workout clothes take your shoes and socks off stand on it for a couple minutes and boom you got it you’re done. It’s an eye-opener and it allows you to see beyond just your pounds but really where you need to focus on. What you’ve been doing and where you’re struggling, it might even help you adjust your workout regiment so that you can start you know moving toward the goals that you have. Well, about a year ago we decided to include team training in a membership so the number of members that are now involved in our team training program skyrocketed and we now had to decide okay how can we still allow this higher volume of members to track their results? We came up with a process that has allowed us to do that by using the InBody and offering it as a monthly service we definitely feel like the membership that offers the team training and now the InBody you know has continued to grow in value but not grown on price. It’s something that I know is going to help keep the members that are there. Now offering the InBody at all clubs that offer team training just made sense because several members who have come up and talked to our fitness managers and our team training coaches telling them man, it’s great that I can you know not only come in and get this great workout in our team training sessions but now track what the workout’s actually doing to my body. There’s a lot of metrics on the results sheet and they’re all important. One of the key ones we focus in on is just the the composition when it comes to skeletal mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. We actually go two times sometimes three times a year have a Chuze to lose body fat percent challenge. It’s a challenge that all members of the club are able to join and it’s all based on percent body fat loss from the start of the challenge to the end of the challenge and again it’s way more beneficial than just watching your weight but we’re really seeing what’s happening inside of your body and we’re able to track where your body fat starts where muscle mass starts and where it ends. As we always do when trying out new products, we check references and ask for feedback and really just came back to the InBody and that this was where we want to be based on the feedback we’ve gotten from people using it out there. This is a big deal for Chuze and the vendors that we choose is customer service and the support that we get from InBody. Beyond the technology and beyond the machine itself the support we’ve gotten from the InBody team has been paramount to us choosing to move forward with them. So that’s always number one with us its number one for us in what we deliver to our members and it’s number one for us in what we expect from our vendors. And InBody has done nothing but meet and exceed our expectations when it comes to the service they provided and the support on helping us launch these devices in our facilities and have them be well accepted.


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