In-Home Triceps Exercises : How to Do a One Arm Overhead Triceps Extension

Hello, I’m Kyle Brayer, and your next in-home
tricep workout will be the single overhead tricep extensions. So this is a one arm tricep
extension. Karie’s going to take a 3 lb. dumbbell, or any weight you can start out with about
15 repetitions and then gauge from there how heavy you need to go. So you’re going to pull
it up and overhead, similar to doing the tricep stretch, she’ll grab this arm with her opposite
hand. That’s just going to help her isolate the arm and keep it from moving, and then
she’s going to extend the tricep up. As she extends the weight up she’s going to feel
a nice burn inside her arm here, on that tricep muscle. Up and overhead, and back down. As
you work these stabilizer muscles you can actually remove that hand and keep the elbow
in nice and tight to the head, and just perform the same exercise just like that. This can
also be performed laying down or on an incline bench. Perfect. Just like that. So the positive
portion is on the way up, she’s exhaling on the way up, she’s inhaling on the way down.
She’s trying to keep that arm nice and tight to her head with the elbow in tight. It’s
going to help minimize the pressure on the joints and keep her from hurting her deltoid
at all. That is the single overhead tricep extension.


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