In-Home Shoulder Exercises : How to Do Dumbbell Upright Rowing Exercises

Hello, I’m Kyle Brayer and your next in-home
shoulder workout will be the dumbbell upright row. Karie’s going to pick up a weight, here
we have 5 lbs. You want to pick a weight that you can do, again, about 15 repetitions with
to begin and then you can alter that depending on how long you’ve been training for. She’s
going to start with her feet shoulder-width apart, her back in her in line-neutral position,
her head and chin looking forward, her palms are toward her thighs and she’s going to bring
the weight up with the weights together, straight up along her body until her arms are parallel
with the ground. Her elbows are going to be slightly bowed out. This will be the peak
position. Then she’ll bring them down and then back up. Again, she’s exhaling on the
way up through the positive portion and inhaling on the way down. And again, up, if you can
hold that for me, Karie. So this is perfect form -her back is perfectly straight, she’s
keeping her chest nice and high, she’s looking forward, her elbows are slightly above her
shoulders and her palms are in toward her body. And down, she’ll exhale on the way down.
Last one, up and back down. You can set those weights down. So the upright row is working
both the front and the medial portion of the deltoid, and you get some extra work through
the bicep and down through the arm. That is the dumbbell upright row.


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