In-Home Leg Exercises : How to Do Chair Squats

Hello, I’m Kyle Brayer and your next in-home
leg workout will be the chair squat. All you need is a kitchen chair. You can do it on
a sofa, you can do it just about anywhere. Karie’s going to walk around to the front
of the chair and her starting position will be with her legs straight up and down, with
her knees out. Her starting position is going to be with her legs locked, her hands on her
hips and her spine in in-line neutral position. All Karie’s going to do is bring her glutes
down and put a bend in her knees and touch to the chair and then come back up. You’ll
notice that she’s looking forward the whole time, so she comes down and comes back up.
By looking forward she’s keeping her chest nice and high and a natural arch in her back.
She comes down and back up. The big thing here to focus on is that her knees do not
come over her toes which will put too much pressure on the knee cap and the tissues that
surround the knee, and back up. Perfect, and one more, down and back up. Now a chair squat
is going to work the hamstrings, which is this muscle back here, the glutes, and it’s
also going to work all the stabilizer muscles from the ankle all the way up through the
back. That is a chair squat.


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