In-Home Chest Exercises : How to Do Dumbbell Presses

Hello I’m Kyle Brayer and your first chest
workout for your in home training will be the dumbbell press. We are going to do it
on this bench here. You can also do it on a stability ball or even flat on the ground
if you have a mat. Your range of motion will just be slightly decreased if you do do it
on a mat. So I recommend a bench or a ball. Kerry’s got five pound dumbbells, you want
to pick a weight that you can do about fifteen repetitions to start. And depending on your
training program you can adjust from there. Kerry is going to lay back nice and slowly
keeping those dumbbells on her chest as she lays back using her abs to let her down nice
and slow. She is going to keep her feet either flat on the floor or on the pegs on this bench,
whatever is most comfortable for her. From here she is going to push the weight straight
up and rotate her palms away from her body toward her feet. So she pushes up, this going
to be her starting position. She will now let the weight come down and she’ll bend her
elbows until her arms are ninety degrees and parallel to the floor and then she’ll push
back up. And down and back up. Now this is a very controlled moment, you need to do it
nice and slow and under control so if the weight is too heavy you won’t be able to do
that. Up and down, she is inhaling on the way down to the negative portion and exhaling
on the way up. Alright you can go ahead bring those down Kerry and sit up. Now the advantage
to using dumbbells on this movement as opposed to a barbell or as opposed to doing push ups
is that you are working the stabilizer muscle. So as you can see Kerry’s shaking in this
moment. As you add weight and you do this longer you start to get less of the shakes
because you are working all those stabilizer muscles inside the pectoral region. So this
is a laying dumbbell press.


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