In-Home Cardio Workouts : How to Do Squat Uppercut Combo Exercises

Hi, I am Kyle Brayer. Your next cardio workout
will be the squat uppercut combo. Now the squat uppercut combo is taking basic cardio
boxing technique and putting it into a cardio workout. So you are going to just find your
boxer’s stance, and which is with your lead leg back to start. The same foot that is back,
you are going to put that hand back as your rear hand. You are going to drop down into
a squatting stance from here, and all you are going to do is you are going to throw
an uppercut, twisting your back foot and rotating your palm toward your body as you come up.
So it is like this and back down. Up and back down, up and back down, up, back down. After
you do about ten repetitions to this side, you will switch legs, go to your weaker side.
So the same thing, if my left leg is back, my left hand is back. So that is the hand
I will be throwing the uppercut with, right hand is forward, and twist and come up, back
down. Twist, twist, twist and back down. Making sure that I breathe. Another variation, feet
slightly closer together, so throw an uppercut with each hand. It will be kind of awkward
but it is a good cardio workout. And you come down, uppercut, uppercut. Really works those
hip flexors. And then when any time you have that right leg back you need to switch and
do the same with the other leg. Uppercut, uppercut, breathing the whole time. And that
will conclude your squat uppercuts.


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