In-Home Cardio Workouts : Cool Down Stretches for Cardio Exercises

Hi I’m Kyle Brayer, now that you’ve finished
your cardio workout it’s time to cool down and stretch. So you want to get on that treadmill,
go for a slow walk, get on the elliptical, cool your heart rate down. After you have
completed your cool down you want to come down to the ground and we really going to
work on that lower body stretching every part out. Reach out towards your toes, breath nice
and deep in through the stretch.
And then open your legs up hand over hand reaching straight out. Again thirty seconds
for each one of these stretches. After you’ve performed that we’ll work on that lower back
so your left leg over your, sorry your right leg over your left twisting that lower back.
And switch.
And then we will go into our upper dog or cobra stretch. And again after a good thirty seconds of that
and then you can go into you optional upper body stretches. Always a good idea to stretch
every muscle group. So you can do your shoulders, you can stretch your triceps, your chest stretch
and your back stretch. That will conclude your cool down and stretching.

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