In-Home Back Exercises : Warm Up Stretches for Back Exercises

Hi, I’m Kyle Brayer, and this will be your
in home back workout. For your warm-up, try and get on treadmill, do some pull-ups if
you have a pull-up bar, or get your heart rate up on an elliptical machine, or doing
some calisthenics. After you’ve completed those, we’re going to have you sit down on
the floor, on an ab mate if you have one, and we’re going to stretch out your lower
back along with your hamstrings. You’re just going to bring your legs out at a forty-five
degree angle, place your hands on top of each other, and slowly reach forward toward your
heals. And reach out until you feel tension, and then hold, and ideally you want to hold
all your stretches for thirty seconds or longer so thirty seconds to a minute would be ideal.
After you’ve completed this stretch for thirty seconds, you’re going to bring your legs in
together, reach down towards your toes, if you can reach your toes go ahead and do that,
make sure you keep your knees straight so your legs are locked out. Reach down, hold
for a good thirty seconds, and then you’re going to take your right leg and cross it
over your left leg, putting your foot flat on the ground and reach your left elbow behind
your right knee and twist your body. We’re really going to take care of that lower back
with this stretch. Again, holding for thirty seconds. The more pressure you push against
that right knee, the more tension you’re going to get in your lower back. Then, of course,
whatever we do to the right, we’re going to do to the left. Again, holding for thirty
seconds. And that will conclude your warm-up and stretching for your in-home back workout.


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