In-Home Back Exercises : How to Do Torso Twist Exercises

Hello, I’m Kyle Brayer. Your next in home
back workout will be Torso twist. Torso twists not only work your back but they also work
your obliques very effectively, which is a part of your core. Any time that we’re working
back muscles, we want to take care of that core. Torso twist works the obliques from
moving side to side. It’s also going to keep tension in the back by keeping your body off
the ground. So, you can start out in the easy position with your legs straight out in front
of you. I have an eight pound medicine ball. I’m going to put it to one side. I’m going
to pick it up, twist and move it to the other side. Very simple movement. I’m reaching back
as far around my body as I can before I sit the ball down, and then pick it back up. Now
if you’d like to involve the abdominal muscles a little more in this exercise, you can actually
pick your legs up off the ground like this and twist, twist. Now I’m involving the lower
portion of my abs, my upper portion of my abs, my obliques and my lower back in this
exercise. Twist, twist. And I’ll do that from the side. So again, I reach back as far as
I can to one side and then around to the opposite side breathing the entire time. Inhaling through
the nose, exhaling through the mouth. And that is a Torso twist.


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