In-Home Back Exercises : How to Do a Bent Over Rowing Exercise

Hello, I’m Kyle Brayer and your next in home
back workout will be the bent over row. Select a dumbbell that you can do about fifteen repetitions
with to start and then you can work from there. I have the fifteen pound dumbbell, so I’m
going to reach down and pick them up by bending my knees. I’ll turn to the side for you. I
like my feet about shoulder width apart. My palms are going to end up turning towards
my body. I’m going to want to flatten my back out but kind of keep my chest high. This is
going to help protect my lower back. I’m going to look out at about a forty-five degree angle
and then row the dumbbells up as though I’m rowing a barbell up. So, down and then back
up. So as you can see, my elbows actually flare out on this movement. If I want to rotate
into a neutral grip position, my elbows will stay tight to my body. So it’ll be up like
this, and back down. I’ll turn forward. So again, shoulder width apart, I have a slight
bend in my knees to protect my back and I row up and back down. I’m looking out at about
a forty-five degree angle to help me keep my spine in an in line position. Back down
in a neutral row, elbows tight to the body. And that is a bent over row.


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